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1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

Howdy everyone, I JUST found and bought a 1931 DeVaux Model 75 Four Door Sedan the other day (still doing more research). This vehicle has been sitting in a back yard for 30+ years, and they could not move it out because they built a garage in front of it (weird). But anyways, here's a picture of this beauty below! I need some help finding some parts for it, and also help with trying to get it running. Any help would be great, thank you Brent!

Great forum by the way, lots of info!


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Do You own a car built by Durant? De Vaux Model 75 Sedan

Re: 1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

Brent: I looked again at the good pictures. I think I see a "cowl band" up at the front edge of the cowl. Maybe other club members can see it as I do. If it is the cowl band, that would be a Fall Series car. A Fall Series should also have "Free Wheeling". In that same picture (looking down at the spare tire mount) I see a support that goes into the cowl. That was added later in production to keep the spare from vibrating.
Your car has the "Hall" engine as I see. That engine should have a ID of 40A-XXXX. That engine has a fuel pump so that vacuum tank was added for some reason. The battery should be under the front seat. It looks like the carb is missing. The headlights are not correct. They should be bigger and not Seal beams. If you do not have bumpers 32 Chev. would work. Gauges would be hard to find BUT a man up in Edmonton contacted me last Fall that is parting a DeVaux. You will need the complete hood assembly.
Go up to our section of "Photographs" and you can find DeVaux. Good pictures there.

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Re: 1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

Ha ha Gary .. your late on a bit of the info. Already adding the info we know to Steve's Registry and form for all other info sent. 1931 Custom Sedan with Hayes tag of 154-3120. Oakland plant car so should be C - XXXX VIN. Appears plywood was used to replace front floor and toe board, so VIN plate might be gone. Should have Stabilite lights / lenses (B-934), no vacuum tank, battery under drivers feet etc.

Yes Brent has posted on AACA as well. Engine number is 40AA501 he mentioned there.

Has a good project to work on, and hopefully De Vaux owners can help him with missing parts.

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Re: 1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

Welcome to the Durant Motors Automobile Club web site. The place to come for DeVaux information for sure. If you can't get help here for your DeVaux then no one can that's for sure. One of the first things you need to do is go over the the left side and hit the "join us-membership" area and join our great group of car enthusiasts. Great members like Gary, Howard and others can help you get that great looking DeVaux back on the road. She look fairly sound and not a rust bucket, and although the task is long and hard, it can be done. Members have resurrected cars from sides of hills and open fields that have been sitting for years and years and brought them back to life. There are past articles on DeVaux in our club magazines from the 80's available from the Museum too. Don't be shy, just post what help you need and one of our great members will help you.

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Re: 1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

If you find you need an engine block, I have a supposedly good Hall block.

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Re: 1931 DeVaux Model 75 (6-75?)

Hang on to those 1931 California license plates. You'll be able to register it under the DMV's year-of-manufacture program. They do look to be in good condition.
Good luck with your project.

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