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Upholstery & Roof Question

I have a 1923 Dort, and an looking for some information on how to go about re-upholstering the seats. Are there kits for this type of vehicle that would work, or companies in the Mid-west area that I could contact to do the work?

As a side note, I'm also looking for a usable frame for the complete top - which somehow disappeared many years ago. This is probably a long shot, and I may end up making this from scratch.

Thanks again for the input on my previous post regarding the stuck clutch. Now I have a renewed interest in re-starting this restoration...


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Re: Upholstery & Roof Question

Hi Jon;
I'll give you my two cents on this. I would doubt that there would be any kits for this upholstery for your Dort. Not sure if a Model T package could be modified, as far as seats go, but door panels probably not. If you want it done period correct, start calling some of your local car clubs, AACA should have a local chapter and talk to some of them they might be able to point you in the right direction for someone to do it. It's not beyond doing it yourself, but takes patience and a bit of talent to get it period correct. With the rarity of Dorts out there, chances of finding the correct top frame is also pretty slim I'm afraid. Reach out for other Dort Owners that are in our club, they are listed in our club roster. If your not a member of our club then hit the link on the left marked join us membership and become a member. Always a good source for keeping all these ole gals running. The Gray-Dort club in Canada might also be a point to see about a top frame, but at least someone should be able to give you good pictures, if not you can make an appointment and go look at their cars and take your own pictures. Then you can have one fabricated. I'm sure all the tops of the period for Star, Durant, Hudson etc probably were very similar but had small differences depending on how they were manufactured and by who. It will take time to do the research and get it done, but look what you'll have when she's done. A great car! Good Luck!

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Re: Upholstery & Roof Question

Hi Jon....

Here is a source for top irons and related parts....


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