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2 months

Well, two months ago we were on our way to NC for the Annual DMAC Conference. Never made it there with our car. But thanks to this wonderful DMAC Family, we made it to the Conference. (AND thank God for being with us when we had our accident).
I just want to thank Rheal and Mike again, for coming to get us in Durham, and driving us to Salisbury. We would NOT have made it without you two. (I NEVER loved to see policemen, as much as I did that night, when I saw you two drive up)!
The Excursion and the trailer have been totaled. The 407 is now in a repair shop in Northern NJ getting fixed (the right side was really banged up in the trailer- but it IS fixable).
I cannot tell you how much this group meant to us when we did not know where we would turn. You found us a way to the meet, and supported us with cards, hugs and rides to events. WE LOVE you all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, WE are THANKFUL for you all. Great friends and a great group!

Where Are You From? NJ and San Diego

Do You own a car built by Durant? yes, 4

Re: 2 months

Peg & Charlie;
Got your package yesterday, very tasty! The minute the information got to us, we said let's go. The DMAC is more than just a car club, it's a family of people that just happen to be formed around old cars. Different people from different places, that always seem to have fun when we all get together. There is always something for everyone to do and always a laugh or two in between. I'm sorry for the loss of the Excursion and trailer, but they are just things that can be replaced, it could have been worse in the rain on the highway. I know I speak for Rheal that it wouldn't have mattered if you were in DC or Virginia, we'd make the trip. That's what Durantonians do! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with the family.

Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes 1928 Durant Model 65 4 door sedan

Re: 2 months

And let me add my thanks to all of you for your help and assistance. We are most thankful as we enter this Thanksgiving Day for our Durant Family.

Yes, Mike the material things can be replaced. In fact we found a 2003 Excursion in excellent condition, and it is now parked in our driveway. The grandchildren are in the process of naming the new vehicle....as for a trailer, that will wait until 2015 to make that purchase.

The most important thing is we are OK, and again our thanks to all of you for your assistance while we were at the DMAC. You are family

Happy Thanksgiving

Do You own a car built by Durant? Wall Township

Re: 2 months

Hello everyone.
Well got to be extremely thankful Peggy and Charlie that you both are OK after your truck and trailer being totaled. And hopefully someone can get the extremely rare red 407 1930 Durant repaired OK. Lot of new members in our Durant club since that particular big 4 Durant came upon the scene.
Founding Durant club president Yates Milton had acquired 2 or 3 Durant cars from a very old gentleman out here in San Diego county and had them all shipped to his home in North Carolina. Then he offered this 407 Durant to me which i never even knew of this big truck 4 cly continental engine powered model 407 car existed and so I bought it and started restoring it. There was a fair amount of it missing and faithful Durant club member Gordon Curl in Canada saved me by supplying the throw out bearing carrier that no one on the planet had and Kenyon Machine shop had to bore and sleeve number 3 hole back to stock, and after I painted it this fire engine Red and then our dear member Charlie Spitz tells me he had to have this car cause that was his favorite color. So after I get it all done and restored to stock ( yes I did restore it to stock ha) Charlie and I entered it in a AACA natl meet out here in San Diego as our region puts on a Natl about every 3 to 4 years and we won a AACA first with the car. Now for any of you that are not in AACA or know about the extensive judging for authentic restoration judging AACA developed and perfected stock judging of old cars since 1935. So that bright red 30 Durant 407 will always hold a AACA first issuing it a special number and fancy heavy gold trophy and lic topper medallion with that AACA number stamped in it also making this 407 worth a bunch of extra money. As our Durant club president at that time I did have to provide a letter to the judging crew stating that a number of things were proper cause of no documents anywhere for the judges to get any info on this rare Durant car. Course the 1931 2 tone 619 Durant I sold Charlie is not stock. Look at the pictures on our club web site and you will see why. I got the car out of a lake in Ohio. Was pretty much junk, but rare and had to save it.
Lance Haynes
San Diego, CA

Where Are You From? San Diego, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes many of them

Re: 2 months

Hi Peg and Charlie,
Great to see you both at Salisbury. Hope you both have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING..


Where Are You From? Newport, NC

Do You own a car built by Durant? 24 Flint E55 Sedan

Re: 2 months

Yates, we truly enjoyed hooking up with everyone in Salisbury, NC (including Doris and your son). In this age of smart phones, I don;t think things would have happened, if Sonia and I had NOT been texting each other on the trip down. SHE made sure someone(s) came and got us. YOU were instrumental in starting this group-and what a wonderful group it is. There is so much love in this group, I cannot begin to describe it. And we really LOVED your family made this event. Hopefully, you all will be able to come to future events. Give Doris a hug from us!

Where Are You From? NJ and San Diego

Do You own a car built by Durant? yes, 4


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