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It's alive

Today was a good day.

Before today I had a devil of a time getting the engine in the car to start. It could take me all day with a can of quick start to get it going. So I took the carburetor off and rebuilt it, fixed the choke wire which hasn't been attached well since I got the car, and got it back on.

I rebuilt the carburetor, and got it back on the car.

I pulled the choke out and turned over the engine on a very low battery and it roared to life immediately. First try. (And I was able to repeat this every time I started it.) no quickstart or anything. Now I can actually look at the engine to make sure everything is working properly. ( I still don't know that the water pump is pushing the water through the engine or not. On a new car, the tubes would be harder and hot, but being a no pressure system I am not sure what I should be expecting. The engine heated up quick, but maybe no more than is normal. not sure. I only ran it a minute or so, so the radiator hoses weren't hot.)

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