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1923 Star Coupe

My son and I are looking for some information on my Grandpa's 1923 Star Coupe. Where is the dip stick located and does it come completely out? Our's may be rotted or broke. We also need to replace the MPG/Speedometer gauge and the muffler pipe. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Re: 1923 Star Coupe

Hello there. I'm relatively new to Durant, but I might be of some assistance.

I have a Durant, not a Star, but my A-22 has a W4 Star motor in it. Assuming your motor is similar, there is no actual dipstick (at least of the modern variety). I was confused about this as well when I first got the car. There is a wire 'bobber wire' rising vertically on the passenger side of the engine that moves up and down with the oil level. There should be cast marks in the side of the block which demarcate 'fine' and 'low' oil levels. My understanding is that there is a cork of float of some type on the bottom of this wire. You can lightly push the wire down and if there's oil it should kind of slowly bob back up. The biggest downside I can find with this system is that you can't 'see' the oil itself on a dipstick to judge its condition.

Sorry I can't be of more help with the gauge.

On the muffler pipe, I would recommend asking around for a friendly, reliable, reasonably muffler shop that could fab you up the pipe you need.

Welcome to the world of Durant!

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Re: 1923 Star Coupe

Thank you so much for sharing with us. We are from Loleta, CA and my son who is 14 has taken a big interest in this old car that has been sitting in our garage for many years. It is actually in excellent condition but has not been started up for probably 7 years now. We will look into the "oil bobber" and see what we can find. It is more his and his grandfathers project right now...I'm just the Mom with computer experience. Thanks again.

Where Are You From? Loleta, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes

Re: 1923 Star Coupe

Welcome! Please feel free to use this site for advice and questions. Many of us have our private hoard of parts. Of course, we'd like you to join the club. We have a very active group in the SF Bay Area with several running Stars in it. Every summer we have a three day tour.


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Re: 1923 Star Coupe

Hi Debbie;
All I can say is encourage, encourage and encourage your son, please. What a great project for Grandfather and Grandson and you know he just might learn somethings that will stick with him for many years. There is a big problem in many hobbies and interests today that the younger people are just not getting involved. Most clubs and organizations member's are over 50 and there is no younger people coming in. The Antique Automobile Club of America with 60,000 member strong has that problem, the American Legion, the Jaycees, all of them cannot attract the younger people. They seem to have their head stuck in electronic gaming, Nintendo and X-box or other things (no offense to you as a computer person meant). Besides our era cars just don't go fast enough for them and they don't have big sound systems or air conditioning. The knowledge your son will gain will be something that he will keep into his adulthood. But more important even than that is the bonding he will be able to forge with his Grandfather. We have another fine club member that was given his Durant by his Grandfather and he is a very valuable and welcomed member to our club and attends many Durant get togethers, often trailering his car a very long distance. He's a bit older than your son, in his 30's but he is welcomed and a member of the Durant family. Now you need to be the driving force to push them to get the car running and then they can take a road trip together to one of the Durant meets that are held several times a year out there in California near you. Like Vince said the California chapter has a great bunch of people, just the nicest you'll ever meet and they will enjoy themselves. Hey if your father or father in law is not a member, give your son a gift of a membership in our club. He will get a wonderful magazine quarterly and get to know all of us and learn about his car.

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Re: 1923 Star Coupe

Right you are Mike .. Its not just old / vintage car clubs but muscle car clubs as well. Youth are just not interested. Few of us have discussed just that.
Interesting enough its not recent but going on for years now. Our Antique Auto Club of Ottawa we formed 1965 for 1932 and prior but allowed to 40 as special interest is now folded a few year's ago. Back in the 70's it became divided pre and post 32 basically. Powers to be at the time didn't want the old slow cars going on meets holding up the quicker late thirties and up cars. That's part of the reason the Ford A owners said enough of being ignored and formed Canada's Capital A's 1975. That club is still a going concern, but as you said its to attract youth is the problem.

But you touched on that as well as just not car clubs but Scouts, Churches and other orgs are having a time with it, with dwindling members.

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