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Interchangeable parts manuals

Is it a good idea to buy an interchangeable parts manual, or is interchangeability the sort of stuff that other club members can provide on a case by case basis?

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Re: Interchangeable parts manuals

Hi Duncan:
Can't speak for you over there, and I'm not expert, but I can tell you from my point of view that it helps when your trying to find that hard to find part to know what other vehicle it can be found on. Looking on Ebay or going to parts swap meets etc, a vender might have a part listed for say a 1928 Nash or Studebaker and not know it will also fit a Durant. I'm in the process of doing a ground up restoration on my 1928 Durant and have needed to source various parts. I needed to get a correct tail light for my car. Someone had replaced it with a 1950's or 60's aftermarket light. Thanks to Frank and others I found out mine was the same as a Dodge automobile of that year and I found one through the internet for $14.00 U.S. I had to have it nickled, but still it was worth it. Since the Durant products are assembled cars, Billy purchased his parts for his cars from various sources and these companies also sold parts to other car manufactures. I wouldn't say I use my interchange manual a lot, but I do refer to it once in awhile.

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Re: Interchangeable parts manuals

Hi Duncan.......

As Mike said there is a lot of knowledge in the DMAC membership, that you may not find in books!

A good interchange or parts book can be very helpful. If you can find an illustrated parts book that covers your car and some other Durant products, it can be very useful. I have reprinted a manual that covers some of the Star & Durant models from 1926-1929.

A lot of what members have found to interchange is not in any manual, but is in the knowledge base in this Club.

Mike mentioned about the Dodge tail lights, but Chevy and some Star cars used the same oval tail light. Model T Ford hub bolts work on some Stars. The Clum ignition switch is used on some other cars including Whippet. The Clum cylinder is early Chevy as well as the key. The right angle distributor drive was used on other cars and on some farm equipment up into the 1960's. The Fuel pump for the 614 and some others is the same as the Farmall F-12 and F-14 farm tractor.

Hope this helps.......

Frank ---

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Re: Interchangeable parts manuals

What would be nice to get is a garage / wrecking yard / parts suppliers shop books and interchange books that give what parts fit what cars and models.
I saw with envy shelves of manuals at a garage / wrecking yard still in business since the early 20's. Grandson just pulled out one on Durant's to check something and if his part fit my car.

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Re: Interchangeable parts manuals

Gentlemen. Thank you very much for your helpful responses

Where Are You From? New Zealand

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes, 1928 Rugby 4 door sedan still in parts


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