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A sad day for all Durantonians!

I received this blog today from Hemmings Motor News.


One of the last Durant plants, if not the last Durant plant will be torn down. Leaside, Canada is gone, Oakland, California is mostly gone and now a shopping mall, the last I heard the Lansing, Michigan plant is vacant and now Elizabeth, New Jersey. In its day, it boasted 500 cars coming off the assembly line per day. My car for one came down that assembly line. A sad sad day for sure!

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Re: A sad day for all Durantonians!

We (Durantonians) are lucky we had the opportunity to tour the factory in 2005 during our annual conference! Those of us who got to tour here, were very impressed with all the innovations for the time the factory was in use to manufacture the Durants. AND, many of us have a piece of history in the form of the creosote bricks from the 4th floor of the building! They cannot take our memories away, even though the building is history.

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Re: A sad day for all Durantonians!

Your a little off stating the Oakland factory was torn down. Actually a wealthy company poured 70+ million into restoring it and we had a Natl meet there years ago, I even gave them a full page story in the Oakland Tribune in 22 about the Billy building that factory on the corner of International & Durant Ave. I also gave the owners a model 60 Radiator shell which they have on display next to a fully restored model 60 Durant displayed inside a glass room just inside the front entry.The Durant square factory is such a success they have added 2nd story on the back half. They gave me a tour of the building under restoration, and a foreman said is was the strongest and well built building they had every worked on. All they did was power wash the brick exterior, and regrout where any grout was loose. They had Durant's original water tower inspected and OKed to leave it up and it has Durant's name on it. I thought I had a somewhat agreement with the owners to get some unusable space left over to have a little club museum in there but the place was such a success they rented 100% of all the floor space, so there went our hopes for the Oakland factory museum. After I had started the museum fund with a bunch of us donating some major cash, I had hoped we could even pay a little rent. I have ask Rick to keep after them but no luck yet. It was such a thrill to drive my 29 Durant model 6-66 back into that factory where it was made on our Natl meet we had there.
Lance Haynes
San Diego

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Re: A sad day for all Durantonians!


I notice that the first years of our Previous Events pages are missing which would include the two factory meets...Are they under construction or is my computer acting up as usual....Thanks

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Re: A sad day for all Durantonians!

Bill, you are right in that the early 2000 club events can not be viewed.

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Re: A sad day for all Durantonians!


The events past events pages appears on two computers here at the office, but it appears the 2002 and 2005 may be broken.
The url looks correct, but there may be an issue on the back end server. I’ll check it out later tonight after I get home.


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