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Body top material?

As I look forward in my restoration project, I am pondering what the original type of top covering material was used for the D75 model Durant. Some of the terms used are Cobra short grain vinyl, Long grain vinyl, Colonial Grain Vinyl, and Black leather. Those of you that know or have gone through the process of selecting the right roof material, What material design, type, and companies offer the period correct material for our cars? I want the emphasis to be on the factory original type and design. Thanks.

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Re: Body top material?

I just looked at our top on the D75, and the pattern is the long grain(my best guess).
My father in law installed this replacement top on a customers car in the 1960s, so it is unknown what was on there originally, (then he bought the car from the owners estate so we have it now).
The short grain cobra offered by


Should work out well. Just make sure that you get enough material to cover this big long top.

Good luck!

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