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A California Top

I met a guy who said his father had had a Star with a "California Top". He said it was a solid top that bolted on the touring car in place of a soft top. It had windows that slid to open. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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Re: A California Top


In our photograph page and in the Flint section, Bob Krause's 24 Flint touring has a California top with sliding windows, possiably the same top manufacturer as the Star....Bob's son Dick now owns his cars.

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Re: A California Top

hot rodders call it a carson top

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Re: A California Top

That's interesting, I knew that it was found on the Flint, but never heard it was on the Star. Don't think we have ever found one or seen one with it on it in the club. I wonder if there is any cars left with it.

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Re: A California Top

I guess this is what you are saying Gary about Carson Top .. sort of a California Top ?? Isn't the California one a lot older in age ?


The original Carson Top was developed by Glen Houser of the Carson Top Shop in Los Angeles. The original Carson top was produced by Carson Top Shop from 1935-1965.

Ah found the term which seems to say California Tops were around pre 20's. So not Carson Tops. Thought I had seen pics of teen's / twenty's cars with them.

Detachable hardtops
Before the mid-1920s, 90% of automobiles had open tops, with rudimentary (if any) weather protection provided by a convertible-type canvas top and celluloid or isinglass side curtains. Some automobile bodies had roofs that could be removed during the summer and reattached during the winter, although it was a cumbersome and laborious job. By the time of World War I some automakers offered a lift-off roof, typically with a wood frame, canvas or leather covering, and glass windows. These removable roofs, sometimes called a California top, were the forerunners of the detachable hardtop, offering security and weather protection comparable to a fixed-roof model when installed.

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Re: A California Top

Hi Gang
I owned the red and black Flint that is up in the Flint photos the 1925 model E-55 that I sold to our local Packard club past president Rath Webster of Romano CA. He still has it and it still overheats all the time. Anyway it has the "California Top" on it also. Very nice unit with beveled thick sliding glass windows, and very heavy duty well made unit.
I understand there was a company in San Francisco named "California Top" that would manufacture and install there tops for any make and size of car. Course it rains a fair amount up there so made sense. I think Rick found where the company was located in San Francisco at one time. I think these tops had to of cost a lot of money.
Everything was still in real good shape and all the glass slide back and forth OK on the E-55 Flint I had.
Faithfully. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you out here next week.
Lance Haynes
San Diego

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Re: A California Top

Hi guys:
If you look at the pictues of Frank Sims, Flint, under photographs. You will see what I thought was a "California Top" It does not go up and down, and is very rigid. I am not sure if Frank has the side panels for it or not. I remember this car from our 1981 meet and I believe the 1986 meet in Milwaukee. It has been in their family for many many years.

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Re: A California Top

Here is a link to the Flint hardtop that was offered by the dealer when you purchased the car. :)


Pix is not showing again.. perhaps you can copy and paste the html above.
Sorry Maybe when Rick has a moment he can save me

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Re: A California Top

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