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Announcing two news items

The first news is:
As some of you already know, the late Terry Kulchycki, founder of the durantcars.com website, created it as a reference for restorers and researchers interested in the automobiles produced by the Durant Motor Company. After Terry passed away his brother Jeff was extremely helpful in transferring all of the website files to me on behalf of the club. Thank you very much Jeff Kulchycki.

Since then, I have been able to transfer all files to our DMAC server. You may have noticed a button of the left side of the website named durantcars, it had been a direct link to the durantcars.com website. A few days ago I made a change that now activates the durantcars data on our own website. I also created two additional domain names, durantcars.org and durantcars.net that will bring you directly to the durantcars website without having to first go to the main club website at durantmotors.org. They are also listed on many of bigger search engines such as google.com.

I'm doing this because our club has assumed responsibility for maintaining the site and data. We're doing this now because Terry's family will take down the original durantcars.com website at the end of the year. Si I'm happy to announce that we are now up and running with all of Terry's data. I will continue to repairing any broken links, etc found on these pages.

The second is:
One of the features of the durantcars website is the Registries that contain serial numbers and other data regarding cars produced by Durant Motors, Inc. That information has not been updated for some time and as we are aware, sorting through the surviving serial number data can seem puzzling at times. So take that challenge head on, keep serial numbers up to date and make sense of it all, Steve Large of Mississauga, Ontario will be in charge of maintaining that information for the durantcars section of our club website. I have created a new email for Steve and durantcars , it is durantcars@durantmotors.org I have already placed this address throughout the durantcars pages.

Thank you Steve for taking on this project.

Rick Botti

Where Are You From? California

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Model 60 & 1931 Model 619

Re: Announcing two news items

A BIG Thank You for all your work.


Where Are You From? Peace River AB CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? '27 Touring M

Re: Announcing two news items

A few of are very aware of Steve's huge undertaking of correcting and / or updating missing serial info already on DMAC, plus working with Terry's site to expand that info as well.

Dot was last car 2006 to be put in the Registry by Terry. We talked a few times in the past and he hoped to create a Canadian side to Durantcars, if he had time. Maybe we can make that dream happen.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan by Dominion Motors

Re: Announcing two news items

Thanks for the kind words and support Rick and Norm. The updating and sorting out of the Durant Registry is a monumental task and needs all members co-operation. If you are sending information "please please" make sure that it is "ACCURATE" and "COMPLETE" as possible, First thing to know is if the information your supplying is for a complete "ORIGINAL" driver,an "ALTERED" driver, a project in progress,a parts only vehicle or just a I.D or Engine Tag? followed by a year: 1929 etc if known, maker: Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint etc. Series: A-22, 407, 614,S-4 etc. Model: 2dr Sedan,Coupe,Touring, Truck etc. Serial Number: L-????, T-??? etc. Engine Number 15L-?????, W5-522192 etc. And any other details you can add, Colors (original if known), Wheel type wood, wire,and #'s,side mount, rear carrier etc. photo's, etc all information is welcomed. This process will take awhile to get up to speed before you see the changes but with your help and information we will be able to put forth a more accurate and complete REGISTRY and Norm Your wish is also in the works.

Where Are You From? Mississauga Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? Not exactly, built by Dominion Motors Canada

Re: Announcing two news items

Thank you for undertaking this project and spearheading it. This is something that we need and will be a great help in the future as to the genealogy of our cars as they pass from hands to hands. I look forward to seeing the finished product and I know that yesterday I sent you my information on my car. Let's everyone send in their information to him so he can make sure the system is updated. We all know that there was a mystery as to the Durant serial number system and maybe as Steve gets more data there might be some sort of idea of how they came up with them. Like why most car runs started with 1000 as their number. Was it an advertising ploy to make you believe there were more cars produced and they were a successful manufacturer or what?

Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65 4 door sedan

Re: Announcing two news items

Thanks Rick and Steve........

Who would have thought we could come this far since 1998. Will be sending
info. on 24 Flint and the 23 Durant soon.

Please, all of you help bring registry up to date.


Where Are You From? Four Oaks, NC

Do You own a car built by Durant? 24 Flint E55 Sedan


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