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Intro, and a few things , I would like.

Good Morning,
I resently picked up a old Durant project outta the north, north washington state. firewall tag found by previous owner and now back in firewall. M2- E14991
This has been a ******* project kinda, that an old kat saved parts for over a 20 year period. The frame is a Durant, cowl is narrowed (could be a hudson, as the radiator grill was from one, just for looks, over updated radiator).
the rear boat , is from a studdy hood. it has a early Datsun (I know, i know..crunge) 4 cyl w/4speed tranny) I finger, ok not orig..but heck its still on the road.
Has 18" rims (6 lugs) which I'm looking for tires and hub caps for (has 4.50-5.00 X 18 tires now, which it sat on since 95 in the back of garage (last time out, and before owner/builder passed)
Looking for a radiator badge needed (used, but desent ) Needed.
Tire source (ok, need to mention budget..)
Hub caps would be nice.. and an Idea for a rear tire mount.
Here's a couple of shots.. please be kind. Thanks Dave G

Thanks for any help, and having a peek.

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Re: Intro, and a few things , I would like.

The firewall Plate dates the car to 1928 “M2” and the factory of manufacture to Elizabeth, New Jersey “E14991”. It came a long way to get to the West Coast. must be a story in there somewhere.


In your picture tags, change the uppercase "IMG" to lowercase "img" and your pictures will work.

While It was at it, I made the changes. Your pics are below. Very Nice.


Do You own a car built by Durant? two of them

Re: Intro, and a few things , I would like.

That's pretty cute. Where there any front fenders in the deal? Lots of cars of this vintage mounted the spares in the front fender wells.

There's not much chance for a bargain for tires. They are really high-priced, but at least they are still made. Big name brands are over $300 each. 18 inch tires were fairly standard in the 1930-32 years. When I see 6-bolt wire wheels, I think Chevrolet, but there could have been others. I had a 1931 Olds with 18inch tires, but on wood-spoked wheels.

The usual demountable spare tire mounted to brackets riveted or bolted to the rear cross-member, above the gas tank. You might look for one off an old Chev. You could perhaps modify a rear spare tire mount for wire wheels used on 26-27 Fords.

Are you using original hubs and brakes? It is worrisome that you may be bolting later wheels to originally wooden-spoked hubs.

As time goes by, you may want to consider putting your own ideas into this project.

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Re: Intro, and a few things , I would like.

Rick, CNDN..
you kats rock..thanks for the fixes and the infor.. its going to be a fun poject for sure. sat-sun drives on back roads up this way.
oh, and I'm dave grimmitt, Live in Rocklin, ca.. been into car since a wee kid, pop owned British eurpeon car service in santa barbara, ca so grown up around Rolls, MG, Damlars, Jags etc, owned flat head fords, vintage VW, rat rods hot rods...( can"t own all of them)find someones garbage , dug it up and drive it I guess..only way kids will know, the world was not always plastic.

Where Are You From? Rocklin, Ca

Do You own a car built by Durant? yes


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