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25 Locomobile Model 48 eng Got away, good price!

Last night on E-bay a big 1925 Loco Model 48 6 Cyl T-head 524.8 cubic inch engine [Non removable head; 3 sets of 2 cylinders bolted to crankcase] sold for $3350 after 18 bids by about 6 people. The engine shown was a "very nice" old engine.

This was the huge 103HP engine for the big senior Locomobile 48 model 7 passenger car of 142" inch wheel base, 5330 pounds weight, 35" X 5" inch wheels car. A truly massive car, so the old T-head (circa 1910 design) 524.8 CID engine was huge too.

I tracked the sale over the weekend and put in a lower bid for this complete engine that had been sitting in dry storage north of Allentown Pa. for a group of years on a wooden stand (included). It was listed as; "cyls seized but soaked with penetrating oil", and not damaged.

Quickly the bidding picked up to the last 7 seconds of final bidding above $3000, to the final $3350 price, with "Pickup by buyer locally" no shipping offered. Bring a big truck and a crane!

The price seems high at first but again with all; manifolds, complete carb, elecs, sparkplugs,linkages, pulleys, water pump, clutch, output shaft & U-joint,etc. this was actually, I guess a very fair price for what you got in a very, very restorable eng.
especially to complete a Locomobile Model 48 resto.

It was listed as a 1924 but the serial number #19169 was in the 1925 range and about 1250 units from the end of the Loco 48 Model's production in 1928. These models were made "To order Only" and usually only a few hundred a year produced, at about $10,000 or more each in the mid 1920's. Current values are at least 10 to 20 times that for a restored one.

Any Loco car parts don't surface at all (especially this nice/complete) so I was interested, but I did not need it, so let it go! Sort of like; "the big fish that got away"! I hope the new owner can really enjoy his good fortune on this great old car find!

Lance C.

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