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BIG Auction trip results Not a Locomobile!!

Hi All,
Well back from the "big car Estate Auction" over the weekend in eastern Okla. Over 400 vehicles including 300+ antique cars there in 5 rows of a BIG field all for highest bid over $100-$200 to start! Many cars were Condition #5 (project) or better, complete with light surface rust, many with Titles. A Mind boggling car collection for it's diversity. Great weather upper 70's and Sunny the whole time!

Met many wonderful car collectors and hobbists (aprox 300 there!) from all over the US. Most people could not believe I drove all the way from Florida,(800 miles) but many came equally far from Colo,Northern Minn and Mich and Eastern states. Most did not know that the Florida panhandle is almost straight south from there. Collectors called in from both Coasts and many places between, probably some Foreign too (150 on-line in the past).

Mentioned the Durant Motors Car club to many since so many diverse old car people there. I came looking for the "Unknown" and possible 25 Loco JR-8!! car pictured sticking out of the woods in the pre auction photos? But I knew it could also be a 20's; Paige, Dorris, Chrysler, or even a Duesenberg A from the round grille and drum headlights. However alas it was a very rough 26/27 Chrysler roadster.

20's to 60's Varied collection with lots of Cadillacs, luxury and specialty cars, Fords & Chevys, Model A's, T's, Jeeps, Packards, Buicks, Olds, Mopars, etc. even a Road Grader and Steam Roller! Prices were fairly reasonable and most cars went to a new home (NOT Crushed!) and many people bought 2 or more cars.

I got the 1959 Cadillac 60 Special 4Dr I needed and a 56 Cad Coupe de-Ville that I didn't need but for only $500 could not pass it up. High sales were a 35 Ford Rdstr(#5+)for $25.5K, 37 Ford Cabrio (#5-)at $19.5K and a 59 Cad Conv (#6)at $18.5K. The 24 Franklin 2Dr (#6)went for $4.7K and the 24 Pierce Arrow 80 4Dr Tr (#6-)(cut down to be a Pick-up truck!) sold on-line for $4.5K to a Calif collector. Most good project cars sold in the $700 to sub $4K range.

This 59 Cad parts car (w/title)is actually very nice (surface rust) and much better than the one I'm working on so Switch-A-Roo now I guess! I had Lots of fun and met many great people from Okla and all over the US, very good trip.

Lance C.

Where Are You From? Niceville, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 and 26 Locomobile JR-8's, 1928 Loco 8-70, 30 Durant 610


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