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More Tow and Trailer tips.

Vince and all; More Tow and Trailer tips.

Currently I own 5 trucks and a Jeep of various ages and sizes from ¼ ton to 1 Ton, 4 X 4 and regular axle, automatic and stick trans., which are all good for some things. Some are antiques; 1947 Jeep CJ-2A , 59 Chevy P-ups and one is a hot rod 34 Ford flathead P-up truck. Trucks have really improved over time. My latest and best for long-hauls and car hauling is a Ford 1 Ton, crew cab, long bed, with high-top camper shell and bed liner. It is a V-10 engine, Auto overdrive (with lock-out) single axle truck.

As my 2nd extra government job I work as Building manager and Test equip buyer/ Equipment Inventory manager for my division so this truck is handy for me. My truck has served well to haul any & all sizes of cargo; from lumber, computers, boxes, car parts, and even a 6 foot Locomobile continental straight eight engine with accessories from Houston Tx. in 2009. The high-top camper shell is great for all types of cargo; good for security, safety, weather protection, plus even camping in it too ha, ha, We even moved my mother-in-law’s things from Cincinnati, Ohio down here to Florida in 2010 this trip worked out great for all, even bringing my wife’s dog along for the ride too!

In my other duties I deal with the Maintenance/ Test support division of my group. They carry, haul, and tow, all types of equipment and trailers all over the US. Towing medium and heavy duty 2 and 3 axle trailers, with gooseneck 5th wheel, and frame hitch mounts. They use Dodge, Chevy, and Ford; 1 ton, crew cab, long bed trucks, 4 X4 and reg. axles, and swear by all of them. They are all fitted with Diesel engines and Auto overdrive trans., having both frame and 5th wheel hitches. Good for towing various; small, medium and large (3 axle) 35 ft +, open an enclosed trailers up to almost 30 thousand pounds. All are good setups for our various hauling/towing requirements needed.

Because “New” HD trucks like these cost $45K to $60K (or more with Acc’s) and cost a lot more than I have to spend, used ones are a good deal for the hobby guys like us. So looking at good used medium ¾ ton and 1 ton big rigs with moderate age and miles is a great idea! Key is finding one with good maintenance records and service history with only medium miles for its age. Most fleets and some owners sell their used equipment at 2 or 3 to 5 years. To find a good used tow rig, check the Truck Finder booklets available at convenience stores, by word of mouth, or ask at local businesses. My latest tow rig was found 2 years ago for Half the going retail price (for its age) from a lawn care business. It was the manager’s rig so got great care and service too. I checked this info out and verified it with the local car parts store and they verified the “Great care & Service history” also. Special color, luxury options, and extra accessories are not really necessary or on a HD tow rig and most are fitted with a popular group of needed & wanted items. What is necessary are a match to your Towing needs, Good condition, a Good service record, and Moderate miles (for age). Generally a Bigger truck is better, and gas mileage is not as important for a "hobby use" tow rig.

After buying then go over your rig for yourself, Service it and upgrade the Tires, Brakes and Tow equipment as necessary for yourself and needs…then enjoy a good tow rig!
BTW our group’s latest and best tow rig is a 2011 Ford F-350 Crew-cab, longbed, 4 X 4 Dually with 5th wheel setup and has been promised to me after it is 3 years old… when it is returned to the dealer after it’s lease is up. IF I make the winning bid!!

Hope this helps the club, Lance C.

Where Are You From? Niceville, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 28 Locomobile 8-70, 25 Loco JR-8 Brougham, 26 Loco JR-8 Sedan, and JR-8 Roadster project, 30 Durant 610 Deluxe Sedan

Re: More Tow and Trailer tips.

I have to agree with most of your post on towing vehicles. In my opinion the only way to go when you tow is with a diesel. My son has a 2006 Dodge 2500 Ram diesel 4x4 that I have used quite often. What a truck with the Cummings 5 cylinder diesel engine this truck just wants to go and go. I've towed a full size pickup on an open trailer behind this beast and you don't even know the trailer is there. No effort on the trucks part at all. 24 miles per gallon on the highway and towing we got 17 miles per gallon. When I went to get my Durant I had to borrow my brother in laws Chevy pickup with a standard gas engine. 8 miles per gallon was all I got. Yes diesel is a bit higher in price, but in the long run I think it pays for itself. Also you can get upteen thousand miles from a diesel engine. They just keep running. Just thought I'd put my two cents. in here.

Where Are You From? Oviedo (near Orlando) Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65 4 dr

Re: More Tow and Trailer tips.

you are correct micheal....but us poor folk use big block crew cab dually as the best...same ride, just more gas..hahahahahahaha....luv ya all, gary k

Where Are You From? PENNA.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 STAR F ROADSTER

Re: More Tow and Trailer tips.

You are correct on your Diesel comments. Only negatives are the price of Diesel fuel is sometimes higher than unleaded (my Ford V10 runs on the cheapest 87 octane, and I get 14/15 MPG loaded or unloaded at 65 to 75 MPH). But Diesels can go 600 miles (or longer) on a tank vs my 430 or so mile range. Another negative factor a pro mechanic (shop owner)friend warned me about is very high maintenance costs of 3 times or higher for a Diesel ($150 oil change) and Diesel engine parts are pricey. But like you say the engines do go many hundreds of thousand miles. So overall costs are probably a wash!

Another tip to beat the high "New Truck" entry cost is to look for a 5 to 10 year old model for our limited use"Hobby Truck/Tow Rig" needs,as a 2nd, 3rd, or maybe 4th vehicle. But again keep in mind look for Good overall condition, service records (or a mechanic's inspection) and Moderate miles for it's age (about 10K miles or less per year Gas, 15K(?) a year Diesel). This is a great way to get into a "Big" tow rig and like you say they are great on the open road; "can't tell your pulling anything back there"! I (and the wife) love the Big Rig out on the Interstates, it really flattens-out the miles! There are some teriffic buys on these year models, they have recent equipment & options, service & parts are easy to find. Also there is still lots & lots of years and miles left in them! Best news are most in this age group are priced well down there(with bargaining), my last 8 year old super duty big F-350 with all extras was only $7K!

I then put in about $400 in service on it (2 tires, tie rod end, oil change & all new filters)in the first 6 months of ownership which kept me going for almost 2 years use. So compared to the overall costs of a "New" same size equivelent $50K to $60K rig this was dirt cheap.

Again I hope some of this info helps the club, and maybe get more of our cars towed to events, I'm working on the Locomobiles, Yeah!!
Lance C.

Where Are You From? Niceville, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 and 26 Locomobile JR-8's, 1928 Loco 8-70, 30 Durant 610


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