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Sorry to be a bother - but the car I bought, a 1930 617 standard coupe, does not have a a vin plate on the passenger side firewall, but there is a plate on the passenger side floor with the #L1739. Would this be the vin # for title purposes? I'm nervous as, apparently, the old Kansas title was "open," ie not put in a buyer's name back then, and he apparently has lost the title. Anyone have experience obtaining a title under these circumstances? thanks, gary

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Re: title

Hi Gary.....

Yes the plate you found on the floor board is the serial number plate. VIN number is a modern term. Our numbers do not have enough digits for most states to consider them VIN numbers.

Most states titled the cars with this serial number, or some used the engine number. Through the years and after many transfers these numbers can become mixed up. Many times the letter prefix was lost because it did not show up in a tracing of the number.

Each state is different as to their requirements. Best to check with your DMV. Some are simple, but some like Pennsylvania can be a real pain.

There are ways of obtaining titles but they can become frustrating and costly. Best if you can get the seller to produce a transferable title.

Frank ---

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Re: title

Not that I have tried it yet but the DMV Ontario said that to replace a lost title I would need the information usual with the purchase of a car plus an affidavit signed by my lawyer. Apparently not that expensive a deal.

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