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Soon as the heat hits here -And it surely will soon -I expect to put my roofing on the car. are there any special tricks I should know about other than to do it on a hot day . like maybe the front should be fastened first--or do you strech it and stagger the nails from side to side -- If anyone knows the procedure I would like to hear it . Thanks

Re: roofing

I bit the bullet and went ahead and put the roofing on . Did as I asked and nailed down the front first streching it as I went. Then nailed the sides a bit one side then twice as for on the other -then back to the first and so on. then the rear and it worked very well
It looks okay =-- I had to silicone around the edges of the strips that nail in the tracks on the edges of the metal but thats no problem I have yet to try putting the thin strip in that covers all the nails =--that might be a chore but I think I am up for the challenge.
Will keep you informed

Re: roofing

Hi Ken.....

Sounds like you are making good progress!

A trick that I used when we did the roof on a Model A Ford was to build an oversized wooden framework out of 2x4's and tack the perimeter of the top material to it. Then set this over the roof in the hot sun. Helps to stretch the material evenly.

See you in Vancouver.......

Frank ---

Where Are You From? Hookstown Pennsylvania

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