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New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Hello all — I am helping a friend get his 1924 (possibly) Star Model F Touring ready for a road trip later this summer. This is my first brush with the Durant family of motorcars, but I've been involved in the hobby for years and run several other-brand vintage cars. This forum looks like a friendly, helpful place and I'm sure I'll be a regular here for the next month or two.

My friend purchased this car as a 1924, but now we are not 100% sure. Close examination of the serial plate indicates it has been over-stamped. The more prominent number is C278880. which identifies it as late '25 production, Oakland plant. The less prominent, and probably original number is unclear, but seems to be C207320 (mid-1924 Oakland production).

The engine number has also been over-stamped. On both plates, the over-stamping has been done with a fine punch, in dot-matrix style. Here are photos of both plates. Can anyone explain or speculate why they have been over-stamped? The dot-matrix style of the second stamping looks more modern, but I suppose could have been done back in the day to help it stand apart from the original single-strike number stamps.

Iv'e also attached several photos of the car in hopes that those familiar with the brand can positively identify the model year. Note the spark and throttle controls are on the steering wheel, which is different than shown in our Oct 1923 repair manual which, presumably, covers the 1924 model year.

Many thanks!

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Hi Chris
Glad you stopped by this site. Someone might be able to come up with some answers for you here. Very curious thing the overstamping and I cannot figure why anyone would do that, unless they wanted to make it easier for DMV registration or something. I know here in the states the motor number was used as the VIN number or earlier cars, not sure how it was in Canada. Maybe the owner swapped engines and did not want to change his title, but then why go through the changing of the body plate too. Just does not make sense. I can't see why the factory would do that either. Many say left over 24s were titled as 25 or whenever they sold. Very Curious! What say ye Durantonians?

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

How does it read on the title? Just food for thought as to what might have taken place.

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Hi Chris....

Neat looking car.

Saw your post over in the AACA forum also. Much better photo of the front of the car on that forum.

Model year and calendar year did not always correspond with the title year.

From looking at the pictures it does not appear this Star has front brakes? I always thought the Stars made in California had front brakes. I have a 1925 Star F touring made in California. Very similar to your car, except mine has outside door handles & front brakes.

One thing about Durant products, there are never any two that are the same.

Looking forward to seeing your friend in Vancouver in Sept. Going to be a very interesting meet........

Frank ---

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

My 25 Star touring was made in Oakland and looks identical to your car except that mine has outside door handles and drum brakes on the front like Frank's. The serial number is 256926. For hints at indentification go to http://www.durantcars.com

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Thanks all for the replies.

SB: the vehicle's registration states 1924, but in this province you could tell the DMV almost anything and they'll take your word for it (I have a 1916 American LaFrance registered as a "Sports Car")

WT: You are correct, there are no front brakes on this car. Also, here is the front photo you prefer...

VO'B: I had been to that site before, but looked again with renewed interest. The 1924 Catalog shows both a Touring and Special Touring, with only the Touring having inside door handles. The 1925 Catalog does not show the lesser Touring, only a Special Touring (with outside handles).

From this I cautiously conclude that our car here is indeed a 1924 model Touring, given that it has inside handles and the original serial number appears to be mid-1924 California production, and apparently before front brakes were featured.

Why the car and engine numbers were over-stamped remains a mystery. In the Model T world, replacement engines were supplied without a serial number, and the installing dealer would stamp them with the number of the engine that was being replaced (engine # was also the car # but was not stamped anywhere else on the car until 1926).

Where Are You From? Edmonton, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? No, but helping with one...

Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Mine '25 is a Calif car with front breaks. It has inside door handles like yours with outside handles also. The dash, instruments, spark & throttle and steering wheel all look identical to mine as well. I also have the same bumper. Good Luck.

Where Are You From? Riverside, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star Model F Touring

Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Hi all. I might as well put my 2 cents in. I think you car in a early 24 model. I think that the body is a 23 as it does not have outside door handles. 1924 bodies have outside door handles. The hood and radiator are 1924.In 1924 the round style was replaced by the new packard style radiator. The ribbed finders started in 24 and went on threw 1927. I wonder where the spark and hand throttle levers are. In 1923 they would be under the dash. In 1924 they would on the stearing colom. Also the 23 rear body section is one piece, 24 bodies were three pieces. In my humble openion this would explain the reason for restamping the numbers.Basicly Its a transional car with the wrong radiator emblem and made, at a later date, [out of order] from found left over parts. O.K. I guess thats three cents.

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Re: New to Forum, working on '24? Star Touring

Hi Bert, thanks for your $0.03 worth. That is good information to know.

The spark and throttle levers are on the steering column. We have an October '23 repair manual showing the spark and throttle below the dash.

Here is a picture of the rear body, which is apparently the 1923 one-piece style. You can see the steering column throttle and spark levers at the far left.

Where Are You From? Edmonton, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? No, but helping with one...


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