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Looking for Phil Tramel

Many years ago I posted a picture of a 1931 619 to the Photographs sections of the website that belonged to Phil Tramel. At the time, Phil told me that he was about start a full restoration of the car.
Recently I tried to contact him by, phone, email and the post without success. Has anyone heard from him recently?

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Re: Looking for Phil Tramel

Rick this mean anything under search

Philip Tramel - Williamsport, OH | MyLife™
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Philip Tramel
Location: Williamsport , OH
URL: mylife.com/c-2548157872
Age: 42
Places Lived:
Williamsport, OH
Columbus, OH
Grove City, OH

Philip's Friends & Family
Phyllis Tramel Columbus, OH 61 Phyllis Tramel Columbus, OH 80 Brittany Tramer Williamsport, OH 19 Sabrina Ferrin Orient, OH 41 Michelle Tramel Williamsport, OH 42 Felicia Tramel Williamsport, OH Phillip Tramel Columbus, OH 87 Eric Tramel Orient, OH 23 Phillip Tramel Williamsport, OH 63

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Re: Looking for Phil Tramel

hey normie....i must have measured athousand light lenses today...lots of 3-1/2 many round threes but none loke u described....cant you grind one side flatter??????......sorry no luck at hershey.....regards, nephew gary

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Re: Looking for Phil Tramel

Thanks Unc Gary. You would have to grind the outside and inner ring smaller to fit the doors ha ha. The one good thing is Ford A cowl light lense clips fit. Bought two new sets at Stirling flea market this year for $2 each I think.

Those lenses are scarcer as all get out. Loads of every other size bigger and smaller, just not that lense. Been two in four yrs on ebay. One in the light itself and one alone. They must have been a specific order for 1930 - 32 Durant / Frontenac only, for special and deluxe cars, which makes them even harder to find. Then add the fender lights were poorly made, again D / F only, and the pots fell off leaving the light stump only. Odd as they were assembled cars using parts other makes used.
Our head lights / lenses for 31 - 33 fit 15 different makes and various years / models in those makes. Tail lights fit 6 makes and various years / models in those makes. Don't know how true it is but I was told by an ebay door handle seller, our 32 614 / 618 art deco style inside handles were used on 30 or 31 Essex's. Could well be true with Essex gone by 1932, so Dominion bought those handles up to put something on the cars. Might account why Rick said they seemed familiar. Again those are scarce like the 3 inch lense.
I was extremely lucky to get a full set of inside handles / backing plates / pins, off Tim Orr, minus the front window T winde one. Dot has that one. He got them at a wrecking yard, under a seat of a car in a paste wax tin, years back. They are still in the same tin of the 30 / 40's until I use them. Tim kept them in case a hot rod he was working on didn't have handles. Jack needs a set of those handles for his 32 coup.
Maybe you'll run across a lense somewhere.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan


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