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Electric fuel pump

Thanks for the help with oil pressure. Now I'm trying to start the car (it's been sitting for a couple of years. The car was converted to an electric pump and its looks like this is seized. I can't get the same pump anymore and I was wondering if anyone has had an expierience with this. I'm not sure what problems I'll run into with a 12Vpump on 6v although the one in it now is 12v wired with 6v. I've seen some pumps online from MrGasket that I think will work??

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Re: Electric fuel pump

Hi Paul,

Yes, I have did some testing on a 12v pulse type pump using 6v to operate...Yes they will work with 6v, And there is no reduction in pressure as you may think...The main problem that I found with this set-up is that If your 6v battery voltage drops to say about 5 to 5 1/2volts the 12v pump will stop working..So if you are running at night with all lights on and your generator can't quite keep up then you are in trouble...I Have had 3 fuel items fail from the newer type fuels, two were fuel pressure regulators (Dial face) made in China and packaged by Mr Gasket, and one 6v pulse type fuel pump that I purchased on the internet (same brand that SO Cal carries) and made in Mexico. All three Items failed in the first 5 minutes after the fuel hit them....If you want a top of the line setup at just a few bucks more get a Carter # GP4 259 Rotery Vane 6v Pump ($99.95) and a Holley # HLY 12-804, 1-4PSI Fuel pressure Regulator (27.95) Summit Racing carries both items, there is illistrations and additional info as well...I have been using this setup on 2 of my cars for about 12 years.


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Re: Electric fuel pump

Dump the 12v pump go online and get a 6v elec. about 40 bucks

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