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Leaf spring mtg pins

I am reworking the leaf springs on a D75 and noticed wear on the pins that are press-fit through the leaf and hold them to the shackles. These are hardened pins that are 0.875" in diameter and have a taper on both ends that ride in the shackle. I am thinking to make new ones or modify the originals. Does anyone have access to new pins or are making new pins for purchase? What have others done in working this issue?

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

Egge lists them for different makes. Might be same. Called Tryon shackles. I saw a 28 Chevy that looked very similar to my 29 Durant M4.

The company that made them is still in business, but don't know if they can supply them. Thayer Products, Inc., Elmyra, NY. They claim to be the only full-line supplier of kingpins and spring pin sets in N. America. [Probably not for long]

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

The '31 Chrysler uses the same Tryon shackle setup as did Durant, Chrysler went from the tapered pin type to the rubber bushing type, I replaced the ones in my '31 chrysler with no modification, I believe that the early Plymouth / Chrysler rubber bushing type are still plentyfull just be sure that they are for the (I believe) 1 3/4" spring width...

If you want to stay with the original Tryon shackles, usually the side links are also worn and will need to be built up and reamed with a special reamer, the tapered pins machined and hardened. I believe that Lance and or Kenion machine shop may be able to referbis your old Tryons.


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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

Yes we have made many of them and can make more of them. I even have some out back.
Lance Haynes

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

I am trying to source a new or refurbished set of Tyron shackles 2 sets for the rear springs and 2 sets for the front springs. I think the Thompson Products number is T708. Pin OD is 0.877 inches and pin length is 2 15/16 inches. Ideally, I woul dlike complete set -pins and side links. The ones I have on hand are in very poor condition.

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

In the end, I machined a couple sets of pins for myself using a high carbon heat-treatable material. The heat treatment worked well using a used motor oil quench process. I welded up the Tryon shackle tapered casting bores and remachined them using a custom made tool to the proper size and taper.

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

Hi All....

In the latest WOK Newsletter (Willys Overland Knight Club) they list new pins. Length is 2 15/16" and cost is $12 each.

You can check out the Club store at their website for info.


Or click on website at the bottom of this post.

Frank ---

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Re: Leaf spring mtg pins

Frank, Here is a pic of the Tryon Shackle pin that Mark Young is making for the WOKR club that I took at the National meet in July...Mark is also making a tie rod ball for some models...I was going to ask him about the hardness of the pins but forgot ...Anyway, Mark seemed receptive that he could be contacted by our DMAC members with questions or needs (mark@myoldclassics.com) Mark is not refurbishing the side links at this time.

Tryon Shackle pins

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