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patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hi folks,
Just came across this site and sure am hoping someone out there can steer me in the right direction. My husband is working on his 1931 Chevy Sedan. It had a cloth top and he has totally gutted the interior to replace. He noticed upon pulling out the interior that the wood that goes around the door frames, floor board and along the back and across the windshield is in dire need of replacing. He tried to use the old pieces for patterns, but they were so rotten that he can't get good patterns from them. This is worse than any jigsaw puzzle we have ever in our lives attempted. If there is anyone out there that can suggest a site where we could buy paper or cardboard patterns so we can continue on our way or even a website that would allow us to print our paper patterns, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!! We had no idea that the wood was in such poor condition before we started this project and we cannot locate anyone around our area that can help us. If you wnat to email me directly with information, that would be fine, my email address is "starz47833@hotmail.com" Thanks so much and God Bless all of you for taking the time to read this. Once we get this car back on the road again, we will both be deliriously happy.

Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hi Barb
I can sympathize with you on your wood pattern dillema but I am afraid I am not a bit of help. I went thru the same thing and had a very hard time building the framework for my car . I would recommend trying the chev club if you can find one . Someone must be able to at least give you measurements of the piece so you have something to start from. My car was similar but the guy I bought it from had thrown away the old rotted wood so I had nothing to begin with .Fortunately one of our durant members sent me a sketch with the dimensions and I was able to build from that .
Good luck with the car

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Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hello Barb... Glad you found the best car club site on the net, but unfortunatly you have the same problem that haunts many owners with cars from this era. Though measurements or patterns are the only true answers, there is a book that shows the basic construction and types of joints used on the Fisher body cars from 1926-31. It's the Fisher Body service manual. Wait, don't get too excited! While this book has many illustrations including your '31 Coupe.... there are no dimensions.... only basic design techniques! I purchased mine from Frank Witkowski at a very reasonable price and can now call the pieces by their proper names (even if I don't have them)! He can be reached at witfrank@bellatlantic.net Hope this is of some help?
Hey Barb from Indiana... did you notice that our clubs national meet will be held in Auburn during September?

Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Keep looking. I'm pretty sure there are sources of wood kits for Chevrolet cars and pickups. I had a 36 pickup for a while, and was going to buy a kit for it.

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Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Barb: Given the condition of the wood in your 1931 Chev. Sedan, this may be an indication that the deeper you go into the restoration may result in more disappointments. Therefore, it may be wise to search for an unrestored but basically sound body of the same description, which might also become a source for other parts and pieces you will need. If you are anticipating a full, solid and sound restoration -- it appears you will be challenged with many surprises along the way. Chevrolet is a common car and there should be something available that is sensibly in your budget to support your interesting project. It might even be that the other basic car you find is much better than the one you are presently restoring, and therefore your present car might be the parts car for another. Good luck.

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Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hi All.........

Unlike our cars, there is wood available for older Chevrolets.

Barb..if you already have not discovered the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, you should check out their web page , just search for VCCA . I belong to this Club also, there is a wealth of info there.

One of the manufactures of wood parts and kits can be found at www.chevywood.com , you can purchase one piece or a whole kit.

The Fisher body manual that Jim G. mentioned is available from Crank 'n Hope publications, of Blairsville, Pennsylvania. They usually have them listed on ebay.

You couold also trade the Chevy in on a Durant or Star . Or keep it and add one of our cars to your collection. I have a 1929 Chevy Imperial Landau Convertible sedan.

Either way stop by and see us in Auburn, Indiana this September.

Frank ---

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Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hi Barb,
Found two sources you might want to check that I ran across in Hemmings Motor News:

1. Classic Woods, 1006 Raleigh St., Greensboro, NC 27305 Tel # 336-691-1344.

2. K.C. Wood Manufacturing, 470 Rock Church Rd. SW. Willis, VA 24380 Tel # 540-789-8300.

Wishing you the best on your restoration.


Re: patterns for wood frame for 1931 Chevy Sedan

Hi Barb, It may be worth checking this company out. www.hamptoncoach.com They handle antique GM parts and accessories. Good Luck, Greg Krueger

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