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Star Rear Brakes

Could anyone tell me about the normal temperature of the Star rear brake drums after driving about 10miles?
With the car jacked up I have almost no drag on the wheels but after driving a while the drums are quite warm to the touch. Maybe 140 F. Is this normal temp? Any info. appreciated. Greg

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Re: Star Rear Brakes

I don't have my Star running yet. But I would think it is a matter a physics, the energy that is stopping the car needs to go somewhere, and it is converted to heat. The brakes I have worked on on other cars will get very hot, that is normal. The problem is when we get them to hot they fade, that is they stop working till they cool down, so if they still work you are ok. I have been painting the linkage on my brakes on a 25 Star with out front brakes, it does look kind of scary.

Re: Star Rear Brakes

The only other thing that comes to mind, when you have the car jacked up can you feel any slack in the wheel bearings, there is a slim possiability that when the weight of the car comes on the axles the drums could shift and make for a tighter drum/band contact at the top...Might try and loosening the brake adjustment up a couple of notches and see if that helps.

Re: Star Rear Brakes

Hi Bill, There is no slack in the bearings. I was thinking maybe they are too tight but I only used a wrench hand tight to the cotter pin hole. I had thought the inner lining was too thick at first and changed it with 3/16 in. lining. Nothing changed after that. Greg

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star Touring

Re: Star Rear Brakes

Greg,it could be the emergency brake inside the drum that is making the brakes heat up.

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