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Oil level indicator

W5 Continental motors have a very interesting system to measure oil level, by means of the floating indicator. I am repairing my engine and doubt if a regular cork will do the job in a sustainable way or will get impregnated with oil and finally sink.

Is there any advise about type and size and installation of the floating device that performs the job efficiently during years?



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Re: Oil level indicator

My engine is still being rebuilt, but I have thought about this problem. Cork was originally used, seems like it would still work. To set the float I am thinking that I will replace the wire with an extra long one and put everything together, than fill the engine with the correct amount of oil, than cut the wire at the full mark. In answer to your question, when ever the oil is changed by adding the correct amount of oil you should be able to tell if the cork is still floating well.

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Re: Oil level indicator

Carburetor floats that are made of cork have a coating of some sort of varnish. If varnish will keep gasoline out of a cork, it should keep oil out.

RonJ ...

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Re: Oil level indicator

Hi All....

I've dipped mine in gas tank sealer, you can also use the cork float from a Model A Ford gas gauge

Frank ---

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Re: Oil level indicator

Thanks for your inputs.


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Re: Oil level indicator

Try sealing the cork with Shellac. It is a varnish used by the furniture industry, usually available at a Hardware store. Mix with methylated spirits to a paintable consistancy and wholly dip cork in it and leave to dry for several days. You could redip to give additional coats when touch dry.

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