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Help with my top

Help! I have a 1925 Star Model F Sedan. While waiting for my engine to get back from the machine shop, thought I would work on the roof. Doe’s any one have patterns or measurements for my top? The wood pieces on the side and front and back are still there but every thing in the center is missing. Looks like I had wood running across the body, but I don’t know the width of them and how much they were bowed or if they just flat. Were there other pieces running that ran from the front to back? Are these roofs solid or was the material stretched over spaces between the boards. And what was the material used and were do I get it. This vintage of car is new to me so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Eliot

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Re: Help with my top

Hi Eliot....

The top material that you need is available from any Model A Ford parts Dealer. Most also sell a kit that has all the various bits and pieces you need such as padding and hidem welt. If you can't find it in your area contact me as I stock the kits for the model A & T Fords.

To get an idea of how to install these tops get a good model A restoration book. There are a few tricks to get it streched so when you get to that point contact me.

Sorry but I can't help you on the wood lay out as I only have Model M and R Stars.

Frank ---

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Re: Help with my top


I am not sure if your car is exactly like my 27 Model M but it would be my gues they are simular.

My Star had long large quarter rounds a long the sides. The quarter round is notched for pieces that run accros from side to side. Then there are slates that run from front to back.

I used Maple for the cross pieces, they are about 3/4" square. My car required 5. You should be able to see the notches on your old pieces.

I used Baswood for the slats that run from front to back. Basswood is a close grained wood and will bend easy to follow any curvature of the roof. The slats are about 1/4" thick and 2" wide.

The notches should be deep enough so that the top of the slats are even with the top of the side rails

I used a piece of heavy muslin over the slats and added a thin layer of cotton padding.

In applying the top material, use a long grain vinyl. On a warm day lay it out over the top. Get it as straight as possible. Tack it along the front starting in the middle but don't drive the tacks home. After the material is good a warm, pull it tight
and temporarily tack it across the back starting at the center.

Then start in the center of one side, pull snug but not too tight and add some temporily tacks and then move to the othe side and do the same. Repeat this until both sides are tacked.

Now chck your work to see if there are any wrinkles in the the top material. Remove any by removing some tacks any working any wrinkles out.

After you are satisified with the smothness, drive the tacks home and add tacks so there is a tack every 2".

If you have any question contact me at my email address.



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