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Vee on Radiator

My '30 614 came complete with a large chrome vee attached to the radiator. It begins at the bottom, and each arm of the vee ends up at the top outer corner of the rad. I have seen examples of other Durants with this feature, but they seem to be few and rare. There is a '30 truck on the photo page from Australia. Any info on whether this indicates plant manufacture, etc, etc. would be much appreciated.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 614

Re: Vee on Radiator

I bought a 1930 Durant with the "V' on the rad. Some restorers don't or didn't like the extra trim and left it off their cars. I liked the trim and bought the car partly because of it. I see it as a part of the change in car design from the flat front to the "V" nose . Maybe the photo section can give you some clues as to which factories included this [I suspect all] but it isn't on my 1930 sedan. You can tell which cars should have this trim by the rad shell shape around the edges where it was fitted.

Re: Vee on Radiator

Thought that the chrome 'V' was only on the four cylinder, but could be wrong.

Re: Vee on Radiator

i have a pic of a "v" car from 1930 6-14 i think...but mine didnt have the v back in1970"S
gary k

Do You own a car built by Durant? 2 - 1929 DURANTS

Re: Vee on Radiator

My car is definitely a 614 six cyl with the vee on the front, mileage is 32000

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 614


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