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Timing a W5 engine?

I had the generator rebuilt so I needed to retime the engine. I followed the procedure in the original manual using the mark on the flywheel but it wouldn't fire. Finally, I had a friend crank it over while I turned the distributor until it fired. While it runs at lower rpm, it misses at high rpm. Also, it backfires while being cranked (but not after starting). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Timing a W5 engine?

If the engine backfires while starting, and has little power at high rpms, I would think that the dist setting is too far advanced. I would back off the setting about five - to ten degrees (about 1/4 inch on the circumference of the Distributor) This should solve the problem.

Re: Timing a W5 engine?

Remember there are points for top dead center. To time you need to have the top dead center mark when no. 1 piston is at the top of the compression stroke. Mark a spot on the side of the distributor housing even with the wire going to the no. 1 cylinder.With the cap removed rotate the rotor until it is pointing to this mark. Hold the rotor at this point. Turn the rotor case and rotor so that it points about 45 dregees to the front. The advance control arm should be pointing toward the engine. You may have to try this several times to get the rotor at a 45 angle as the spiral gear causes it to move. After that set the advance lever with the lever in the full retarded position. (All the way up.) NO. 1 piston TDC on compresstion stroke.

You may need to fine tune the position. A dwell meter is the most acurate way to set the timing.

Since you removed the generator you must be sure you got the timimg chain back corretly, thatis, the right numer of links between the the three sprokets.

I did this from memory but I think it is correct.

Good Luck,



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