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Need advice

The interior panel above the back window in my d65 is coming unglued. Can this be fixed without major undoing of the interior? It now looks as if the glue let go and has caused a bulge. Any ideas on how I can repair this??
Thanks lawrence

Re: Need advice

Hi Lawarence,

Without actually seeing your problem it may be difficult to give you the best advice for your particular repair, However, I am asuming that you want to use the existing fabric so it is not mixed matched...If you can get at the backside of the pannel edge and the back edge of the loose fabric you may be able to use a spray adhesive to reatach...Another Item that may be helpful is a hot glue gun, you may be able to attach a thin stiffner to the backside of the buldge with hot glue or possiably when you refasten the pannel itself with hot glue and the buldge may go away...I have also fastened loose pannel with small finish nails then fluff the fabric to make the indentations dissapear...Anyway there are a lot of tricks out there, its just comming up with the right one...Bill

Re: Need advice

Thanks Bill I'm going to take a good look at this and see if I can possibly do as you suggest. If not I have found a person who can to it for me.
Thanks for your input


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