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Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Hello Durantonians,

The elections are behind us now, so I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of my ideas with you. Back in the club's beginning, it was important to build and grow the club by increasing membership. To that end, the club grew from our 20 original members to an average of 400 member families around the world. In addition, the club now has 3 chapters, giving more people a chance to meet other members on a local level as well as host the DMAC annual meet and tour. This year's national event promises great fun and camaraderie, as well as magnificent countryside for a tour.

Now with a strong membership in place, I strongly believe we need to focus our efforts to helping our members by collecting, publishing and distributing information that will help get more cars back on the road in safe and roadworthy condition. It's been over 70 years since the last Durant rolled off the assembly line, and while many of you have preserved much information, we need a single source that everyone can access. I'd like the DMAC to be that source. You can help.

In addition to archival information, we also need sources for original NOS, Used, and Rebuilt and Reproduction parts. I started that with the Parts & Services Directly located on the back inside cover of the Durant Partner, but now we are going to take it to the next level. You can help.

Since we are a truly global organization we need volunteers that can provide translation services. Btw, we can also use a member to serve, as the much needed Rugby Technical Advisor. You can help.

The DMAC will also be looking to fill the position of Property Manager; this person will keep track of all physical property, from equipment to research material and on loan items. You can help.

Here is a list of some the new positions that will need volunteers to fill but is not limited to this list.

· Parts & Services Editor
· Restoration & Maintenance Standards Group (Committee)
· Translation Services
· Property Manager
. Rugby Technical Advisor

I'll go into more detail after the September meeting. But in short, I ask you the members that make this club happen, for your time, help, advice and knowledge.

Thank You Very Much,
Rick Botti

P.S. Thank You Gary for coining the word “Durantonian”

Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Why not "Durantian"?
Durantist?, Durantiste?
Maybe: "Durantage", as in "entourAGE"?
Dieux Rant, Dieux Rage, Dieux Rappiste;
Duse--ain't? [not a Duesenberg]

Geez, I think I'm getting an idea for a Motown song:
"Da Do Ron Ron". (T is sometimes silent in French)
-- sorry, but who'd say it wouldn't work?

Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC


If some translation to or from Spanish required, count with me, may have misspelling, but will be understandable.



Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Thank you very much Ricardo.
I will contact you later.


Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC


I have been viewing this site for over the last year and intend to join the club. I have three durants,
(all in bits at this stage), and with some luck hope to have two of them restored. The original one I have is an old Family Car or should I say utility (history not known) and I have been able to obtain two others over the years. I see the club as a great source of information that will assist in the restoration of my vehicles. All the best with recent elections and I will send off membership application in the near future.

Ted [:)

Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Thanks Rick,
I am not all that mechanically expert but do enjoy this forum and the magazine. Where possible I would be willing to follow up any Australian information to assist in the growth of this great club.
Phil Donoghoe
Note that my email address is not as published in the magazine. Please change to; donoghoe38@bigpond.com.au

Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

There are several members in Australia, why don't you take the ball and run with starting an Australian Chapter. I know Australia is a realy big country, but we've heard from quite a few members down under. If you have any questions on how to do it, just email Frank Witkowski, he can give you how we got the East Coast Chapter started.

Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Thanks Phil for your contribution, I'll contact you later.


Re: Plans and Ideas for the Future of the DMAC

Thanks Mike,
I am in contact with some Durant/Rugby owners over here from time to time, (some are members and some are prospective members). I would be willing to try to set up a chapter out here. Maybe Ken Crouch could be a likely registry source with his involvement as the Australian Representative on the Club Board. Ken if you read this my number is 02,6258 4608 or mobile 0419 466 602. I will also contact you via snail mail. NZ (Land of the long white cloud) may also want to set up a chapter or tag to Australia if we get going.
Phil Donoghoe (donoghoe38@bigpond.com.au)

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