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1930 Durant

I am starting a restoration on my grandfather's 1930 Sedan 6-14 Deluxe. The body color is Toga Maroon with black fenders. Can anybody tell me what color the wire wheels are suppose to be or should I have them painted to match the body. Right now they are a yellowest color. I will be moving to Roanoke, VA in a couple of months and would like to at least have good rubber under the car for transportation. This car has been up on blocks for the last 35 yrs, in my mothers garage. I believe it is complete, but I am only just getting started.
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Re: 1930 Durant

you will be moving near yates milton and his restored 6-14...contact him....gary k

Re: 1930 Durant

p.s. i sent 3 pics of his car

Re: 1930 Durant

Hello RD,
Glad to hear that you will be restoring a Durant and I will be most happy to help in any way I can. Just finished a 30 Durant 6-14 and trying to finish a 23 Touring. Send me more information via email or give me a call at (919) 989-9603. I live 30 miles East of Raleigh, NC.

Yates Milton

Re: 1930 Durant

Outstanding pic's, and thanks for the info. I believe I will do the wire wheels the same color as the body. I am in the process of removing old tires so I can get the wheels sand blasted and primed prior to the move. This car has not been started for at least 35 yrs. I have put a couple tablespoons of lube oil down the spark plug holes, and turned the motor over with the hand crank, so at least the motor is not siezed. I can not wait to get started.
I'm filing out the paperwork to join the club
I'm sure I will have prenty of questions down the road. Thanks again

Re: 1930 Durant

Welcome to the club!!! We can not wait to hear of all your Restoration stories. There are many members who have cars that belonged o their dads. My Husbands 1928 model 75 is one of them. Good luck with your move, and keep in touch.

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Re: 1930 Durant

Question! should I have the wire rims powder coated or just spray painted? I've had two paint shops tell me, I have to have them powder coated because they are true spoke, I know they did not have powder coating back in the day this car was built.
My membership is in the mail, I know you've all heard that one before.

Re: 1930 Durant


I've painted and powder coated the wheels on my past cars and love powder, because it does an excellent job of protecting the metal on the inside of the rim where the inner tube goes. This area is normally badly pitted from years of rust, due to water condensation.

There are many different kinds of powder, some work better on wheels as they won't scratch easly, so take your time and ask questions of the person doing the job. There are also many different colors and textures, don't get something too plastic looking as there are many powders that look just like paint.

Rick Botti

Re: 1933 Durant

I have just been able to bring home a vehicle which has been in the family since 1932. Believe it or not it's a 1933 Durant 633, 4 dr. sedan. Member Gord Curl has been to my home and has confirmed it to be a true 1933. Now the fun begins!

Re: 1930 Durant

Congratulations Tim on a truly rare find!


Re: 1930 Durant

Congratulations also.... When do we get to see pictures of this rare jewel?


Re: 1933 Durant

Very interesting. A 33 Durant. Never seen or heard about such a model - 633. 32 is the latest I've seen anything about. In the family since 32 is also intersting. That's real history. Seems the end of the lines got foggy in 32. All I've seen a re some pictures of supposedly 32's that were show cars. Tell us more. Gord, what are the distinguishing features making it a 33? You got a real rare coin there. Let's see some pictures.

Re: 1930 Durant

The pictures are now posted on the web site. This is the second 1933 Durant we now have in Ontario. The first is a coupe owned by Wayne Reid of Belleville. He has had it for many many years.
The Reid's found a bill from the body supplier tacked above the headliner when they were repairing the roof. The bill stated that their coupe body was one of (I believe 8) that were being shipped to Dominion Motors in 1933.
This sedan of Tim's would have been one of the same order I believe. Tim's aunt states that they always understood that their car was one of 12 produced in 1933, and they bought the car new.
Check out the pictures. The body is very similar to Steve Large's 1933 Frontenac (6 cyl) and William Bendell's 1933 Frontenac (4 cyl)
This makes 4 vehicles produced in 1933 that we have now.
Dominion Motors also assembled the Continental Ace (6cyl) and the Continental Beacon (4 Cyl) in 1933.
Hope we can locate more of these rare vehicles.
Tim has promised a complete story on the car for publication in the Durant Partner.

Re: 1930 Durant

Hey Gord!

If you are looking for one more, there is a 1933 Frontenac 6 cyl sitting in a field about 1/2 mile from Carleton Place. The owner is a chap in the Brockville area. The car is rough but complete. I had sent Steven Large the info. Lost the pictures and contact info during my last MS Outlook update...Sorry


Re: 1930 Durant

I was unaware that this orginal posting ended up dealing with 1933 Durants and Frontenac,s. Fristly I must correct the info given about my 1933 Frontenac, it is a model C-400 4 cylinder which would bring the number of (known) C-400's to 2. Also to let yous know that I still have the photo,s of the 1933 Frontenac model C-600 which is the 6 cylinder version that were sent to me,I will pass these along for the club's web site for posting, I have also recently been in contact with the owner of the C-600 asking him to join our great family and I hope he will do so. You will all be glad to hear that about a week or so ago the C-600 was removed from the barnyard to the inside facitity where restoration will begin on another rare CANADIAN automobile which I firmly belive to be the only (known)surviving 1933 Frontenac C-600. Please contact me if you have any questions about 1933 Frontenac C-400 or C-600's

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Re: 1930 Durant (for RD)

Having purchased a 1925 Star that had been on blocks for years, I would advise you to clean out the fuel system before trying to start the car. It undoubtedly has rust in it. This will get into everything including your carb. (Don't forget to clean out the bowl.) If you don't have the time, you can rig a small tank under the hood and use gravity to feed the gasoline.

P.S. After everything is clean, put a filter in the fuel line.

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