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Distributor Interchangability

There must be something or someone out there that knows about the interchange of distributors. Is there any information in the Durant Standards on this subject?
Somewhere I have heard that a 28 Chevrolet will fit my 23 Durant and it has been posted on the Web Forum that certain VW's will fit a Star. It would be great to have this info. on our Tech Page.


Re: Distributor Interchangability

Yates, I just installed an Autolite distributor #IGW-4189 from a 1936 to 1945 Willys Jeep in my 1923 Star W-4 engine. I had to shorten the distributor shaft and install a distributor gear. The rest of the distributor fits fine without any changes. This distributor also has centrifical advance weights inside to help advance the timing when needed. I paid $5 for the distributor at a flea market. A new cap, rotor, points and condensor cost around $40. Bob

Re: Distributor Interchangability

One question regarding distributor. I have seen that many old cars have double command in steering wheel, one for hand acceleration and other for spark advance or retard.
There are lots of Rugbies in Argentina with both commands and there are others with only one, the hand accelerator.
When does the centrifugal spark advance was installed in Durant cars? Was available in all models?



Re: Distributor Interchangability

On my 1923 Durant A-22 touring I am running a Reamy #366G (before Delco/Remy) I don't know what year that it is from, it does have the lever actuated manual advance that the spark cable fastens too, this distributor was already in the car so I don't know if the gear/drive had to be converted, however it does look original...Perhaps someone with an old ignition parts book could put a model and year of it's application....Bill

Re: Distributor Interchangability

My 1930 Durant 4-07 has an Autolite distributor which uses centrifugal advance, 8 degrees or so at 1400 rpm, and a dash mounted pull cable to retard the timing for starting.

Ron ...

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Re: Distributor Interchangability

In the Spare parts book that i bougth to Frank Witkosky there are a very complete description of which model of autolite distributir fits on in each model of Durant car


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