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Crank Pulley

Hi, I am putting together a W4 engine which was in pieces when I got it.The crankshaft at the front of the engine is keyed to accept the bottom pulley .The pulley I have is also keyed but has a hole through it to take a bolt or cotter pin. The shaft has no hole for this bolt or pin.Can anyone tell me, how this pulley is held onto the shaft . Because of the absence of the bolt hole I assume it is just a push on fit.
Also would anyone have an oil filler cap for a W4.
Thanks Barry

Re: Crank Pulley

Hello Barry,
I have a oil filler off of a 1927 Star that mounts on the timming chain cover in front of the generator. Is this what you are looking for?

Re: Crank Pulley

Hi Barry. Sounds crazy but the pulley just presses on. Be careful as you can damage the pulley. I use a large brass custom drift rod to beat it back on. If both surfaces are bone dry and clean put some engine oil on both surfaces to aid it going on. Most are a pretty tight fit. Mike Larsen (our club Secretary / treasure) now has all my Durant engines up in his bone yard in Vancouver Washington. There are lots of W4 and W5 engines up there and lots of those flip oil fill caps. Just call him and he’ll ship one to you. His phone number is 360-574-4882. Good luck.
Lance Haynes

Re: Crank Pulley

Thanks bruce but I'm not sure it is , the one I have is not mounted on the timeing cover itself, the filler pipe is in the casting that the cover bolts onto. I will do a bit more research and then maybe come back to you if it turns out they are the same.
But thanks for your help.Barry

Re: Crank Pulley

Hi Lance, Thanks for the info, I figured that was the case due to the lack of a hole through the shaft but its great to have it confirmed, I would have been concerned that it might have come off wthout your reassurance.I will contact Mike re the filler cap.My filler tube is mounted on the casting that the timeing cover bolts on to and not on the cover itself like on the W5 engine, I don't know if these two mountings have the same cap or are they different ? Perhapse you can tell me.
Thanks again Barry

Re: Crank Pulley


The pulley has what is call a interference fit, so you want to be sure it takes a little effort to get on. The pulleys have been know to come off. The key is a half moon key call a woodruff key. You need to use a new one so that it will be tight in the keyways because if the key is loose you will have noise at this point.


Re: Crank Pulley

Just wanted to let you know my W4 engine has the filler tube in the casting and all there is a cap that is held in place by a spring steel clip that fits inside with friction. Also it has the filler with flip cap made of aluminum bolted on front of cover with 4 small mashine screws and a thin gasket with I made a new one.
The pulley is like on modern cars just pushed on and held in place with a woodruff key and secured with a special washer and a 5/16 bolt that has a very shallow head so it does not interfere with the hand crank.
Hope it helps

Re: Crank Pulley

Franz & Bob
Thanks for the advise, I feel more at ease with it now
Regards Barry


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