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Distributor Cap

Hi, I am looking for the correct number to replace my distributor cap on our 1924 Star 4 cylinder continental engine. The Tech page lists the 4 clinder engine (1928 to 1932) as a part # AL-31. Is this also the # for the 1924 engine? The distributor cap is interchageable with our 1823 Durant.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Distributor Cap

As I recall, I went to the NAPA store and bought the parts for a postwar Jeep. They seemed to fit. Bring your old ones with you to compare. Consider both rotor and cap. Be careful before starting the engine to see if the rotor goes around without catching on the cap. May need to file off a little.

Re: Distributor Cap

Thanks for the tip. I will let you know what I find out on this.

Re: Distributor Cap

Hi Tom....

You probably have the early distributor. If so you will not find a replacement at NAPA, those are for the later system.

How to tell the difference? Look at the rotor if it is a complete circle you have the early style.

The old autolite part numbers are Cap IG-1057, rotor IG-1058. I know of no modern replacements for these numbers.

If your rotor is a small tear drop shape the NAPA replacements will work fine, but you must use the new cap and rotor together as they are not interchangeable with the old ones.

Head the previous warnings about instalation.

Hope this helps...........Frank ---

Re: Distributor Cap

Frank is correct there are no known modern replacements for the early distributor. What is wrong with your current unit. Can it be repaired.

Re: Distributor Cap

Thanks for all the help on this. You are correct that NAPA does not have a replacement. I finaly made contact with Jack's Specialty Parts in Gresham, Ore. (He is listed in the Parts and Service Directory inside of the back cover of The Durant Partner) and he confimed the old part # is IG 1058 for the cap.He has a warehouse full of old ignition stuff and does have the replacement cap which He said was AL-14. The cap I had on the car was not getting continuity thru one of the connections in the cap. When I switched with a cap off one of our other cars with the same distributor it ran great.
Thanks again for all the help.


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