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Squaking Clutch

Help! I looked at a 1929 Durant Model 60 coupe that the owner was having clutch problems with. Every thing seemed to line up OK and the adjustment on the presure plate arms was pretty close, the only problem I could find was a fair amount of play between the friction disk output shaft and the bushing it rides in through the pressure plate. The clutch makes a intermitant squaking noise when the clutch is disingaged. Any sugestions would be aprecciated. Thank You, Bruce Hargin.

Re: Squaking Clutch

Bruce, could the problem be in the universal joint? My '29, model 40, made a similar noise and replacing the balls (and, if necessary some of the wedge-shaped spacer blocks) solved the problem.

Hope this helps.

Re: Squaking Clutch

I think Mac has hit the nail on the head as to his problem. If he hasn't replaced the balls already he needs to do it anyway.

Re: Squaking Clutch

Hi Bruce.....

I Agree with Mac and Jan. The replacement of the balls is an easy task and really improves the operation of the clutch system. It is a good place to start.

I do have sets of the replacement balls in stock, a set of sixteen is $32.50 plus shipping. These come with a set of instructions for replacing them.

I have done this on most of my cars and it is a real improvement.

If you have any questions on how to do this contact me and I will walk you through it. It's not a difficult project.........

Frank ---

Re: Squaking Clutch

Hi Bruce. It may be your throw out bearing. They require oiling with 30 # engine type oil quit often. Check the throw out face for scoring. Lance Haynes

Re: Squaking Clutch

Thank you gentalmen, the owner of the car is ordering the 1" balls from Frank and I have a spare throw out bearing if it needs replacing. He would like to sell this rumble seat coupe but he wants 10K for the car. It is a back yard restoration with a new interior and paint, looks good but It is in my opinion worth maybe 8K tops. If any one out there is interested give me a shout at bruceofbothell@verizon.net or (425) 487-33234.


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