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brake lining 25 Star

Does anyone have an outlet for brake lining And Rivits for our old cars? My Star has frt. and rear brakes, 11 in.
with 2 6in shoes on each frt wheel and 4 6in. shoes on each rear wheel. The lining looks to be the same for all shoes. Glenn

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Hi Glenn,
I was wondering the same thing a few months ago. I ended up using Ford Model A lining, cutting it to length and re-drilling the holes. Leonard

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Most of the earlier Durants and Stars (M4 40,60, 66) used a brake lining that was 1 1/2 inches wide by 5/32 inches thick

Any good brake shop or tractor repair should be able to supply these and the brass tubular rivets needed.

If you can't find these locally I do have bulk lining that is 1 1/2" X 3/16" for $ 5.50 a foot

Frank ---

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Glenn, I have a guy in Chicago that specialises in Old car brakes. He did mine, and does all the local old car clubs. I can skid all four tires!!!!! He has the 'correct' lining. Let me know, I will help you. Gregg

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Hi fellas, thanks for the replies , I have been looking for available lining here and no luck so far.
Thanks for the info on Modle "A" Leonard, I will look at that possibility. Gregg, I'm a little nervous about sending these shoes out of town. Ill try all others 1st,but thanks it may come to that. Frank, your lining is looking good, if I don't come up with
something here I will give a call. Glenn

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Check out McMaster.com, they have both nonmetallic molded and semimetallic woven lining plus sheet lining (for clutch or brake purposes) Also have the rivets. I haven't bought lining from them but am about ready to place an order for several feet of the 3/16 x 2 semimetallic for my A-22 Durant also most of my brand X cars use this same size. McMaster-Carr are reasonably priced and ship quick....Bill

Re: Re: brake lining 25 Star

Bill - What are the brake pads for your A-22 Costing? I don't need any that I know of but I might as well have them on hand when that time comes.
Ken Brink

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Howdy Ken...Your 1923 A-22 should have a 12"X 2" brake drum and your external service brake bands should take a total of six linier feet of P/N 6224K119 (3/16" X 2" woven semimetallic)@ $5.60 per foot or $33.60 plus shipping...Before ordering measure the width of your brake band as at some point (I think 1924) that the A-22 went to an 11" X 1 1/2" brake with 1/4" lining on the external band...Take care, Bill

Re: brake lining 25 Star

Thanks Bill, I have had this car now for about 14 years and have not at this point needed pads, but beacuse of my Health I will have a person that now works on my car to check the brakes but, only after I order the pads, again thank you for the info.


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