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The Last Star ?

Ok here's what I have. A 1927 Star M 4 door sedan, never been apart. Made in Leaside Canada.

Serial number T-415464

I have the original serial plate the numbers match with those on the Canadian title . Is this one of the Last Star's built?

Any ideas?

Frank ---

Re: The Last Star ?


According to the serial number lists I have the last number in the block of numbers for the 1927 Model M for the Leaside plant is 414,999, so that car could be very close to the end.


Re: The Last Star ?

This is all so interesting. According to the "Standard Catalog of American Cars" 1805-1942 by Krause publications 1996 they only show total production from 1922 through part of 1928 as 358,868! Where does all these numbers come from anyway? Later Lance

Re: The Last Star ?

Frank your question on your vehicle being the last Star arises I guess because of your out of the normal range serial numbering system. This is always somewhat of a mystery as are all serial numbers that don't seem to fit the published normal ranges. If you take a careful look at the Durantcars registry itself you can see that there are several examples of out of range serial numbered vehicles in the 1927 Star M group eg. 27 M Touring # L-418081, 27 M Coach # E-417479, E-419524 27 M Coupe # E-415113, E-415422 27 M Convertable Roadster # E-415174, L-419036, C-416283 which shows that even the serial numbering system that the Durantcars site suggest that Durant Motors used for the 1927 Star M's which run from 380000 to 414999 and the same set of serial numbers that Bob Porter has mentioned is for the most part accurate but it's not the definite answer. During my research on Canadian Frontenacs I have come across items which kinda relate to Durants from a Canadian connection if you will. Recently I was viewing some microflim from a Western Canadian Museum fond which showed company records from a major Durant dealership in Alberta Canada from 1923 to 1932, the records included new vehicles, used vehicles and listed their serial numbers and the purchase and selling prices. The only unfrotunate part is that the flim only cover the years of 1929 and 1930, however there were many used Stars purchased or repossed during those 2 years and serial numbers provided, the highest serial number indicated for a 1927 Star M Sedan was # T-416496 making your # T-415464 about 1000 less. What this all means I not really sure, because there other mysterys that are at play here, again I refer you to the Durant registry and have another careful look, you will notice that there are NO Sedans registered from New Jersey, Oakland or Leaside the only Sedans registered are all from the Lansing Plant, I have feeling that Lansing and Leaside did alot of swapping back and froth, because there serial number ranges seem very close to each others and in fact on one of the 1927 Star M Coach's the registry even has a duplicate listing for the same vehicle even with the same motor serial numbers for the Lansing and Leaside plant #L-390413 and #T-390413 both with motor # W5-418314 go figure? which is the only duplicate number I have come across for all 4 plants. The study of serial numbers is a long and confusing process and there are many mysteries to unraval this is why it is VREY IMPORTANT FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS TO RESISTER THEIR VEHICLES, it is the only connection we have to the past records and can perhaps solve some answers like the one you have posed. Although there seems to be at least one verified serial number higher than yours you still are in an elite group of owners that have something not main stream or ordinary. I hope I have been of some help to you Frank and to others who might have a simillar question or just like myself enjoy this great hobby. Thank you all Steve Large


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