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Need Stuff 25 Star

For my 1925 Star touring "F" I need some stuff.
ser # plate Calif. with the shaded star , set of
rubber balls for the front u joint , either 1 or 2
good wood spoke wheels or spokes only if someone has
a supply . I still need the rear body tub to finish the sheetmetal. Thanks for the look, Glenn

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Hi Glenn....

As far as I know there are no repos of the early serial number plate, I made the later ones.

Have new rubber balls for the u-joints a set of 16 with instructions for replacing are $32.50 plus $3.85 priority mail shipping, Let me know your shipping address and I will send them out with a bill and you can send me a check

Frank ---

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Glen, I have been collecting 23" Model T Ford wheels to use on early Stars. The Star hub is larger in diameter than the Ford's, so the hub hole can be bored out to fit the Star hub. Same wheel otherwise and still uses the 30x3 1/2 tires. Same thing with the 21" Ford wheels for use on later Stars!
I'll check with you at the end of June about the rear tub. I may be able to help you out.

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Frank, please ship the balls to me

DON, Thanks for the info. Do you know if the Star hub
will fit in place of the Ford hub? My hubs are good.
Please remember the rear tub if it is available.

Thanks to both for your help! Glenn

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Don , disregard my question, you already answered it!
Thanks, Glenn

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Glen, just be SURE you jig up accurately to bore the fresh hole for the Star hub. If you get off center or out of axel allignment,,,,,,you'll wind up with an aggravating ride!!!

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Don: If you use model T wheels you cannot use Star demountable wheels without redrilling the valve stem holes. I went the other way in put Model T rims on Star wheels. I have seen several sets of Star wheels advertised on ebay and the AACA website.

Re: Need Stuff 25 Star

Jan, I've come across very few "T" wheels that have the stem hole out of alignment with the Star wheel. I was aware of this several years ago and have been watching for this. All of the Star rims ( and most of the "T" rims), I have come across had the stem hole in the same orentation with the lug hole. I reckon if worst came to worst a person could use "T" wheels and rims.
However, since you brought it up, it's a good idea to watch for this.


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