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Good news to share

Just had to tell somebody - It's a good feeling when something goes right. My son asked me if I could chauffeur him and his bride from his church wedding to the reception (5/14) in my '31 Durant that his grandfather had when he married mom. So I been busy - needed something to inspire me to get soem work done on this car. Got one of the Zenith carbs from Robert Smith to use in place of my leaky old Tillotson, Yates sent me an adaptor, Gregg Wellner offered advice on how to set it to start out, and after a long story, she's running under full power. What a bunch of guys. And then there's Lance - he steered me into all of it. When I get my stuff back from the chrome shop, it's gonna be somethin. I think I feel a story comin on, wedding pictures and all. Still lots of small details but purring down the road is sure a good feeling!
Wayne Farrand

Re: Good news to share

Congratulations Wayne. It sure is a wonderful feeling when you finally get it all done and away we go.

Re: Good news to share

Thanks for sharing the news with us Wayne--It is helping me by giving me a boost to get at mine --I am aiming at being in the May tour here in 2008 Sure hope to make it . so your story is a little prod --Time for me to get to work again --good luck to you and congrats to your son on his wedding

Re: Good news to share

Yes, when "away we go". But all done?
Are they ever? There's always something. Not always small. Like replacing the Chevy rear axle with an original that's laying on the garage floor. And other things not many would notice. But when you can go down the road and turn heads... that's great. Hope to share the unabridged story this year.
The wedding will be the coming out for it.

Hey, does anybody have a source for that flexible metal gooseneck stuff to take the headlight wiring from the buckets to the fenders. That really spiffs things up. Originals with the connectors on the ends are too much to hope for, I'm sure.

Re: Good news to share

Most model A supply stores have those conduit sets available, they have two different lengths a 12" and an 18" with a 1/2" dia. with crimped ferrols, they look nice and you can usually adapt them to fit....Lebaronbonney.com catalogue page 52...


Re: Good news to share

How about using the flex hose that you get on your water taps for the spray nozzle --looks pretty good and its cheap==as long as you can adapt the ends to fit. Think I am going to try it myself .

Re: Good news to share

I found that felxible metal hose in the plumbing section of the local Menards store. Only problem - it costs more ($19.98) than a pair of Model A ones that Bill mentions. I'm going to try the Model A shop - but not sure which ones to get - they have several listed. Bill, which ones did you get? I figure they would have ends on them that you could at least try and make look right.

Re: Good news to share


I believe that I used the chrome set for the early '28, However I have an A-22 with drum headlights with the conduits running through the radiator shell rather than the fenders, I don't use a plug that will disconect at the headlight but have the conduit sleeve connected directly into the headlight, the headlight connection faces down and doesn't show much,I made my wiring connection to the harness out of sight by the frame...By the way the model a radiator shell grommits may work for you as well...Do what is needed to make it spiffy, it is better to have your car looked over than have it overlooked...Bill


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