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DeVaux roadster on Ebay

Check out the DeVaux roadster listed on Ebay. Is it a "real" roadster? Or a cut down coupe? Dave

Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

I didn't find it?


Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

Try looking under 4539816784. I'm not an expert, but it looks like the real deal. Lots of stuff missing.


Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

Our connecting link Durantcars.com has the model information on the 31 - 32 De Vaux. The Hall engine would make the car a 1931, they did however offer a Custom Convertible Coupe in 1932 but nothing with a verticly split windshield, I think there has definitly been an axe involved.


Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

Looks like it is a 'boattail', probably never made that. Notice no pictures of the rear of the car.

Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

I am tempted to believe that someone customized this car in the late 40's early 50's and never got the complete job done. We all know projects like that. If the engine has been apart that long, I wonder where if the rest of the pieces are around. Would sure make a neat roadster for cruising - even if not completely authentic.

Re: DeVaux roadster on Ebay

Thats a pretty nifty rig alright...If this was Mr DeVaux's dream car as the seller suggests, he must have been really on the skids . However it does look a little like a Packard..The HCCA breakfast tour will be held on Sunday May 1st in Puyallup Wa.Any Northwest Durants interested? Don't always want to be the lone wolf ya know.....K


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