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Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

I am restoring a 1928 M-2 four door Canadian made Durant. When ever I view information such as Frank Witkowski parts book he reproduced which I recently purchased it refers to various degree of model designs, such as De-luxe, Brougham, Touring, Cabriolet,Coach, Roadster, Coup and Sedans. How do I determine what I have and what are the differences between the models listed above.
I have also noticed from pictures on the internet that some four door models have an additional window behind the rear door, I dont have this. The roof of this car is in bad condition but the previous owner indicated the the vinyl or fabric on the roof extended down over the back of the car and the rear window was sewn into this fabric. Can anyone help point me in a direction where I might find this type of information or literature.

Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

If you email me a few pictures of your project, I'll be happy to post them on the website where others could see them.


Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

Hi Ken.....

If you send Rick or myself some pictures of your car we will try to help you identify your car. Yours is probably a sedan. Coach normally refers to a 2 door five passanger,sedan, roadster and tourings are open cars without roll up windows. A cabriolet is a coupe with a fold down top and roll up windows. A coupe is a single front seat closed car.

Hope this helps, good luck with your project.....


Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

Hi Ken
According to Canadian sales brochure reprinted in DFR vol 18 no 3, your body style is refered to as frontenac sedan. The four door sedan with rear side window is a rideau sedan. Rear doors on frontenac are wider than rideau rear doors. I would think you have a rare car. Could you email me photos please.
Regards Sid

Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

Hi Ken
Also notice front doors are same as coupe and two door sedan. Front doors on rideau are narrower.

Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

Rick, Frank,and Sid thank you for your responses. At this time I have no digital pictures of the Durant however I hope to take some in the near future that I will forward for posting.


Re: Seeking general information on Durant vehicles

The prior poster have pretty well identified what you have so let me just provide some general information. What you are doing is refering to body styles which have been around for several hundred years, long time before cars existed. The following statements apply to cars in general and not specificaly Durant. Deluxe refers to the trim level and can apply to all body styles. Brougham is a high end sedan and normally has four doors. Coach is a low end sedan and can have two, three or four doors. Roadster is a two seater convertible with snap in windows. Cabriolet or couplet is a roadster with roll up windows and fold down window frames. Coupe is a two seat hardtop body with one or two doors. Sedan seats four or more people and can be two, three or four door. There are other such as couplet, centerdoor, tourister, victory (vicky), ect. Hope this helps your general knowledge.


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