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Regarding Cooling Systems

My 1928 Durant 60 Has no water pump Right? Does anybody out there use any cooling system additive.And what maint. do you do to this system if any.
Great site!

Re: Regarding Cooling Systems

Hi Lawrence,

Your model 60 should have a water pump located on the passenger side or the engine behind the generator.

Many people add water soluble oil to their radiator water in order to prevent rust, and others add antifreeze. I attended a seminar on this subject hosted by the Model A Ford Club a few years back and discovered that the new antifreeze products designed to last five years were a good match for our 20's era cars because they produced very low foam when compared to your average antifreeze. But regardless of the type of product you use, put something in there to prevent rust and better find a water pump as the rear of engine always runs the hottest.



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