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East Coast Chapter

I have mailed out half of the information and questionaires to prospective members. Mike is sending out the other half.

These are being sent to everyone on the roster located East of the Mississippi river.

We need to get rolling on this Chapter. Please respond ASAP if you are interested.

Mike, Yates and I plan on following up with phone calls to possible members.

If you were at the New Jersey meet you know what a great bunch of people we have in this Club. Here is our chance to get some activity continuing in the East.

This can't happen with out your involvement We need your help

Thanks All and happy new year...........


Re: East Coast Chapter

OK prespective East Coast members, the rest of the flyers will go out tomorrow. As Frank said, please take the time to fill out the questionaire and return it to him so we can get an idea of when and where you would like to meet for our first East Coast Chapter meeting. Frank & Yates will follow up in a couple of weeks to see if you received it and get your input.

Re: East Coast Chapter

Frank and Mike,

Thanks for your efforts in getting us started. Did you make a list of those members you sent mail?? If not, I will use the Membership Roster. Hopefully we will get some response from this web posting. I will start calling around Jan 5th.


Re: East Coast Chapter

I'm faxing a copy of the names I sent out to Frank today. Tried to fax it the other night, but didn't go through. Anything else you need just give me a call. I'm willing to help anyway I can.

Re: East Coast Chapter

Replying to one of your older ?'s about an East coast picture of a Durant at a lighthouse or some other appropriate East ern location. I think I recall a Durant painted like A Checker Cab at an East Coast Port in one of our magazines over the last 2 years. Can anyone find it?
It may fill your needs as representative of your division.

Re: East Coast Chapter


That 1930 Durant Taxi is owned by Mrs. Sanger of New York, grand daughter of W.C. Durant.


Re: East Coast Chapter

The replies are starting to come back from the first mailing. We need your input. If you recieved a mailing please reply ASAP so we can get this chapter rolling.


Re: East Coast Chapter

It is almost January 6, 2005 as I post this, and I have not received the "flyer".

Peg and I have been in San Diego, watching it rain for 8 days.
(Lance lied to us, it does rain in San Diego for long periods of time.).

We just finished opening ten days of mail, and there was no "flyer". So if you do not have a return from us, it is because we never got one to return.


Re: East Coast Chapter

Hi Charlie......

I'll check the master list for the mailings, I suspect that because you signed on at the NJ meet and are on Yate's list of charter members you did not get this initial mailing. It went out to all members of record East of the Mississippi.

The mailing is similar to the announcments that have appeared on this forum. It is designed to reach members who are not on the internet and did not know what we are trying to put together here in the East.

As of yesterday I have heard from 6 new people who are excited about an East Coast chapter. These have been a direct result of the mailing.

Be assured that you and all the charter members will be a part of all future mailings

We are on our way for an East Coast Chapter. Thanks for all the help .

Any one else who is interedtted please contact me.

Frank in soggy Hookstown, Pennsylvania

Re: East Coast Chapter

Thanks to all for your efforts... we hope to be a part of this new chapter. I would like to try to design a logo if you still need it.
Carol and Larry

Where Are You From? users.adelphia.net/~catart/DurantHome.html

Re: East Coast Chapter

I think I can speak for Frank and Yates, by saying we welcome any input on a East Coast Chapter Logo. I threw something together, and it seemed that the input I received back was that many thought a lighthouse would be appropriate. Anyone is welcome to submit a design for the logo and I think we will vote or decide on it at one of our fist meetings.

Re: East Coast Chapter

Since I am one of those that suggested a lighthouse, let me chime in.

The East Coast has numerous lighthouses, and if you look at the logos for the other chapters, they depict something about the area where the chapter is located.

I just thought that a photo or a drawing depicting a lighthouse (and maybe a Durant) would be an appropriate logo for an East Coast Chapter.

The Commander.

Re: East Coast Chapter

Frank W. How about a report on how the replies are coming back on the East Coast Chapter for those that are interested?


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