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Durant Partner

Hello everyone. It is now October and I feel you all deserve a update on our club magazine. As you remember Tony did not have the luxury of working hand in hand with someone new to help with our high class first class award wining magazine as his employer UPS started sending him all over the place for like a month at a time. And we then had to go on a frantic hunt for a replacement before the next one was due out. Not easy. Anyway this really nice considerate young lady Gary Wardens daughter Haley Warden volunteered to take our magazine on while continuing her education going to college. She then had to move as her sister got married and had to get a new phone number and a new Internet provider. So we got behind on the very first issue the June magazine. She had to find another printer and learn how to produce a magazine basically over the phone and the Internet. Now to no fault of hers this printer that put out the June magazine had a lot of problems and we now have fired him and she is driving across Los Angeles to Tony's old printer to get a better quantity magazine. Also the material has come into her really slow. Also we have had some quality problems in all these changes. I have personally got a proof from Tony's printer and been working with him all this week and today we have OK'ed Tony's old printer to proceed with our final printout that takes about one week. So you will be getting a copy pretty soon now. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Faithfully
Lance Haynes President Durant Motors Automobile Club

Re: Durant Partner

It is never easy putting out a club magazine. I helped put out a newsletter for our ACCCC region when we lived in Oshawa and it was like pulling hen's teeth trying to get enough information to make up a newsletter. People just don't get the idea that the editor is just that - they assemble what they are given. If they are not given anything to produce - that is what you get.
Give Haley our regards, and thank her for her efforts on our behalf.

Gord Curl
Canadian Region Rep


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