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DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

The Seventh Annual DMAC Meeting is over, and most of the attendees are on their way home.

We had nine different Durant made vehicles at various times during the weekend. We had about 60 different people attend the various events over the three days.

On Friday, we started with a Durant Car show at the Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, NJ, followed by a fabulous buffet luncheon, and the annual meeting.

On Saturday, we trailered our Durants and Stars to the Durant Plant in Elizabeth, NJ. Included in this event was a car show, a tour of the Interbake facility, a police escorted motorcade through the streets of Elizabeth to City Hall where we were met by the Mayor of Elizabeth.

Then back to the Jersey Shore for a fine dining barbeque on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, we went to the summer home of William C. Durant, visited City Hall, toured some of the homes that Durant constructed for his executive, had another car show, and then had a tour of Deal. This was followed by another fabulous luncheon at the Deal Golf and Country Club.

We hope that everyone that attended this annual meeting had a good time and enjoyed the Jersey Shore.

Thanks for coming.

Charlie and Peggy Spitz

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

charles thanks so much for the great weekend my father wouldnt stop talking about what a great time we had . As my father and i where talking i said to him that eighty years later his 1924 star came home to nj where it was built , thanks again for the great time we had jeff quicksell

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

I hope everyone who attended will take away memories that will last them a lifetime! My parents taught me to do everything to the best of my abilities and I have tried--so I hope that Charlie and I gave you some lasting GOOD memories!. I cannot believe the technology that existed in the 20's for that plant in Elizabeth! I hope everyone got their floor pieces home in one piece! Charlie and I wanted to host an informal get together where everyone could get to know one another better and from talking to attendees--I think we did that (B and s how are THOSE coffees and teas??) Our daughter LOVED getting to know all of you and said it was the first time she was out with us when she did not feel like a child (probably because of all the work she did on the graphics for the cookbook and awards)!

Just know--we know WC is smiling on us tonite- we "did him up proud!"

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded


Charlie, Peggy & the entire Spitz team .

What a wonderful meet you folks put together We talked about it the entire 8 hour trip home, it sure made the miles go faster.

Our cars bring us together but the people keep is together!

Cathy and I had a great time. It was good to meet so many of the folks in this Club and put faces to all the names. New friend ships were made and old ones renewed. The time just seemed to go by too fast.

Again thanks to everyone who made this meeting such a memorable event.

Cathy & Frank Witkowski

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

What best describes this past weekend...... WOW!!!!!
We had a GREAT time. Our old Durant "finally" ran like a charm after gettting a "charge" at Charleys house. I think "she" was so happy to be back where she was born. A Huge Thank you to all the Spitz's for the excellent work and planning that it took to pull this weekend off Perfectly! The meal.... Wonderful!! It will never be forgotten.
Meeting Russell, the Factory worker for Durant cars (1927-1930) was just the pudding on the cake. He bought a picture of his Durant, and lo and behold it was a model 75 just like ours!!!! He rattled off the colors that she was like it was yesterday.!!!! Then on to DEAL....WOW day number two. After everyone left we took our D75 for a ride down to the Beach Casino and joined all the year round residents of Deal in there end of summer season celebration. The fire Department puts on a great free BBQ for the entire town.They are the greatest bunch. We met another gentleman who also knew Billy Durant. "Red" (as he is called by all in town BTW he is 88) was a member of a family that owned a florist who did the work for Durants home Raymere. He remembered as a boy, how he did not have a hose and was running up and down the driveway with pots of water to water the plants in the large planters that were lined up down the driveway. Billy came out and shook his hand.
We were so thrilled to meet all the friendly people of Deal, we did not leave until 5:00. I have pictures of Red as well and will pass them to Charley to make a nice DVD of memories for us!!

Where Are You From? users.adelphia.net/~catart/DurantHome.html

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

To: Commander Charles A. Spitz
Commander Peggy Spitz
Vice Commander Carla Fisher Spitz (Up for promotion to Commander)

Proclamation : Let it be known to all members of the DMAC that September 10-12,2004
be proclaimed as SPITZ DAYS.

Yates Milton
Founding President

In all sincerity, I can't thank you enough for all you have done to make the 7th Annual Meet
a great success. All events will never be surpassed. THANKS A MILLION..


Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

Charlie and Peggy,

I am sorry Betty and I could not make the Annual meeting. It sounds like it was a great event. Congratulations.

We are now preparing for the on slaught of Ivan. We are on the eastern edge of the storm and may have to leave the area.


Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

A Great Big Tumbs Up from me, I had a Wonderful time! It was great meeting everyone and putting a face to their names in addition to everything else we did and we did a lot. Thank you very much!


Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded


Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded


From the Commander and the Crew:

We are most happy that everyone had a good time, and we are also hopeful that you will remember the weekend in NJ as a highlight of your DMAC membership.

I know that there are events and activities that happened that I will always remember. We met a lot of new people during the weekend, and we look forward to seeing all of you at future DMAC events.

We have downloaded a lot of photographs, and those of you that did not give your camera or memory card to my son in law, please send us a disk of your digital photos. We are optomistic that we can produce a DVD that will include everyones photos. So if we do not have your photos from the DMAC meeting please send them to me ASAP so that we can finish our project.

Again, thanks for visiting NJ and sharing your weekend with us. We had a great time.

LCDR Charles A. Spitz, USCGR (Ret.)

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

Greetings from the home of the Durant Factory okay Elizabeth, NJ

When I first told my dad I would help with the this project ---- I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into. I went along with it anyway -- what is a commander in training suppose to do-- say NO!. ;0) But I have to say ALL OF YOU that came are a top notch group. I had so much fun -- more than I thought from a weekend of antique cars.

My son has not stop talking about the cars and his trophy. He looks at the pictures we have been down loading and says, " I know that car --it was at my Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house." After about the 100th picture, I want to choke him--- In a loving mommy way.

Thanks to all --- you might just see the Fisher part of Spitz clan again sometime at one of these events. We had fun. Thanks to the staff at Interbake for their warm hospitality and let us take a look into the past and take a part of it with us.

Carla Fisher

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

There are several Thank You's that need to be posted.

Interbake Foods: Don Anarella and the people at Interbake were just fabulous. We owe them a big Bravo Zulu.

City of Elizabeth Police Department: I cannot say enough about the police escort that we had through the City of Elizabeth. My foot never hit the brake. The police had every intersection blocked as we approached and they took us through the City like we were the President of the United States. I was impressed, and they also get a Bravo Zulu.

Borough of Deal: The Mayor and Commissioners were gracious hosts during our tour of the borough. And I cannot thank Jim Foley enough for his assistance in putting together the tour of Deal for us. A Bravo Zulu goes to the Borough of Deal and Jim Foley for a job well done also.

Charlie Spitz

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

Maybe you should get a Durant to match your dads. Hee hee, Thanks again for all your hard work. You are the best, next to the commander that is
Hope to see you at the next event!
Carol and Larry F.
PS. my images are on the way!!

Where Are You From? users.adelphia.net/~catart/DurantHome.html

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

Hello everyone. Beth and I just got back home. We stayed a few more days and did up New York and the Statue of Liberty. Boy that place is really fantastic. They say New York is a city that never sleeps boy is that ever true. Now how can one say enough about Charles Spitz and his family concerning this most fantastic unbelievable meet they put on? I was privy to a lot of it as we are very close friends and I am with him so much and going to so many car shows and car events out here in San Diego but man o man this was unbelievable stuff. Two proclamations by two different Mayors (one from Deal and one from Elizabeth NJ) two police escorts by two different cities a NJ Senate resolution declaring Durant days for all the days of our meet out there, our DMAC banquet in a 100 year old very plush mansion, out of this world food, with a really great speaker Jim Foley the deal historian with slide show that joined our Durant club out at Charlie & Pegs home at there NJ barbeque. He also gave our club the original very old porcelain street sign off the corner of Mr. Durant’s Deal mansion Raymere, Car shows, tours with our old Durant made cars, touring Durant’s original super large factory in Elizabeth NJ, there is a lot more but you will have to read all about it in the December Durant partner. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Charlie and peg and Carla. The standard is now set very high. Me happy. Later Lance Haynes San Diego.

Re: DMAC Annual Meeting is Concluded

Last weekend we had fabulous weather for the DMAC annual meeting. Temperatures were just right, and the sun was shining.

Well just one week later, and we are getting drenched. It has been raining in the NJ/NY region since Friday morning and when it stops we will end up with 5 plus inches.

I said last weekend that Billy Durant was looking over us, and now I am convinced that either he, or someone else made sure that we had the best weather that NJ can offer.



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