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now that day 3 of the 4 day east coast meeting has ended can we finally stop this annoying popup that has been announcing it daily for the past few months
thanking you in advance

Re: webmaster

Just back home late last night for the DMAC meet, Wow that was fun. That pesky popup did its job as we got one or two extra people to attend at the very last minute. I've taken it down now. Now I just need time to rest up from my vacation


Re: webmaster

You are being ungrateful. The pop up got the job done as Rick said. Rick Botti receives no pay and is the greatest in my opinion. If our website annoys you then why don't you find another club.

Yates Milton
Durant Motors Automobile Club

Re: webmaster

yates the reason i brought it up it was overlaid on web forum every day for last couple of months while directly below web forum is a tab clearly labeled durant events my gripe was if you didn't know bythe end of day 2 of the meeting and you hadn't read any of the many references to it in the web forum leaving it on when the meeting was half over wasn't going to help didn't mean to offend you . on the brighter side if i can sell these durants i will gladly drop out of your club i've had no takers yet but there is always hope that there will be some street rodders at carlisle bec

Re: webmaster

There is no need to fight. We need all of the members that we have plus more.

I never see the "pop-ups", I turn them off so that I do not get bothered by any pop up on any website. Everyone might consider doing the same thing.

We did have several people call the last few days and eventually come the the DMAC Meeting. However, you cannot blame Rick for not shutting off the pop ups, he was in NJ for five days and I would think that the earliest he could delele the pop up was sometime on Tuesday.

We are all volunteers, none of us get paid for the time that we spend. We all need to work together to make the DMAC better and not fight over minutia.


Re: bec

I quess you did not realize that Rick went all the way from California to the meeting in NJ. He was unable to disable a pop up that while he was here. I must say the popup did the job in getting quite a few HAPPY Durant enthusiasts to the Jersey meet. I see you come from NJ.... where were you?
My husband says.. "If you were at meet the pop up would not have bothered you" Thanks,

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Re: webmaster

We probably should chalk this up to someone just having a bad day. We all have them and sometimes we spout off before we think. I have to agree with everyone that Rick is doing a fantastic job and has THE best club web site out there! Keeping up a web site can be very time consuming, I know I am the web master for the Central Florida Triumph car club, and I also run a web only business at www.patriotictreasures.com, which sells exclusively on the internet military and patriotic books and gifts. I spend hours a day just trying to keep these sites fresh and interesting. I've surfed the net for other antique car clubs and visited their sites, and none can hold to our club site. Just keep up the good work Rick!



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