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Steering wheel

In my previous post I had mentioned that I needed help to remove the steering wheel on my Model 60. What I really need is help getting the horn button and levers off to get at the nut underneath. Sorry about the confusion. I just don't want to break anything.

Thanks again.

Re: Steering wheel

Care is the operative word for this task. I broke my horn ring and had a very difficult time finding another. They are made of bakelite and are very easily broken.

The spark and throtle levers are connected by two long rods that run the length of the steering colum, one inside the other. They are held in place at the bottom of the steering box by two clamp brackets that fit over the rods, one slightly larger than the other. If your car has all of the origonal linkage still in place, you will have to unhook the linkage and then remove the two brackets and slide them down off of the rods. It is a tight fit, but a 3/8's, or 7/16 deep well socket should work fine.

After you get the brackets off, the entire assembly will come out of your steering colum via the top. Be careful not to bend these rods when you lift them out. With the levers, horn ring and horn button out, you will see the steering wheel nut. Make sure that you remember the order all of the various spacers and parts that you remove and replace correctly. There are several.

When the steering wheel nut is removed, you should be able to pull the wheel off with little touble. There is a pin in the top of the colum that keeps the steering wheel in place, so don't lose it in the process.

Hope this helps.

Gary Warden

Re: Steering wheel

Al let me add to what Garry said. Take many pictures of the beast at various steps. I usually have a digital camera to take snap shots and then I set up my cam recorder on a tripod and turn it on to record everything. Once you are through you can tape over it if you want or hold on to it for the next guy. Hope this helps.

Re: Steering wheel

Thanks to all that have replied. I would be lost without this forum. Everything came apart ok. I did discover that the inner steel rod is cracked at the end of the tube. Any suggestions to how I could get a new one or fix what I have.


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