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All ready and prepared for "Frances"

Ok fellow DMAC members, I think that all the Florida DMAC members are now finally done hurricane preparations, boarded up house windows, and ready to hunker down and ride out the storm. Keep us in you prayers!

Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

You can count on that Mike.


Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"


Ditto to Rick Botti's comment.

Having experienced several hurricanes during my career, I know what it is like to be at sea, as well as on land, during a hurricane. God speed, and may you have fair winds and following seas.

LCDR Charles A. Spitz, USCGR (Ret,)

Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

I have never been close to a hurricane but would be scared stiff if I saw one close up
Best of kuck and you have our thoughts with you in the next few days --sure hope all is well after the winds die down

Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

Hi Mike

Ditto also on the prayers. Being from North Carolina no more has to be said from me. Hope you bought the 29 Durant we were talking about. Why don't you join us in NJ for the 7th Annual Meet and miss all that Frances mess??

Evacuate now and you can stay with the Miltons and we will head out nexr Wednesday for NJ.


Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

That's a great idea! In fact why don't all of you in Florida come on up to NJ and spend some time at the meeting while the storm blows over.


Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

Great idea! We have some great things planned for the DMAC. Those of you that are coming....go on a diet the next few days.

Lunch on Friday will be a buffet at one of the best restaurants in Monmouth County.

Lunch Saturday will be a Portuguese buffet at the Interbake facility. If you have never eaten that cuisine, you are in for a treat.

Saturday evening is a BBQ at the Spitz Ranch....and do not expect hot dogs and hamburgers because they are not on the menu. I am not sure that there are any in the house if you wanted one. Peg is cooking, and you can ask Lance, she can cook and the food is going to be fabulous. Smoked chicken, smoked pork loin, london broil on the grill. Oh, btw, we smoke our own. And there will be jersey tomatoes and jersey corn, and for you Californians that think your wine is the best, we will be serving wine from NJ wineries.

Sunday, the luncheon will be a choice of chicken or beef tenderloin at one of the most exquisite golf clubs in the county. Been there, the food is great.

So, pack your bags, come to the Garden State, and get away from the hurricanes.

See you all on Friday for lunch at the Shadowbrook.


Re: All ready and prepared for "Frances"

We weathered the storm, lots of wind and rain, but not as bad as Charlie around Central Florida as far as damage. The coast got hit with wind gusts up to 110 mph. Let's hope that Ivan misses us completely!


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