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Durant model 619 for sale in UK

Yeah that's right I found a model 619 for sale on eBay that is restored and located in England.




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Re: Durant model 619 for sale in UK


I also have seen vehicle - states that it is a Durant Star - however chassis number l2361 according to web pages relates to a Durant 619

it is in a shop in Eastbourne uk - would appear that it has recently sold at aution for £8700
i know nothing about Durants - are they a good buy im looking for a vehicle that i could use to carry Brides to weddings etc
can you give any guidance - found your via aweb seach for Durant Cars
Regards Derek

Re: Durant model 619 for sale in UK

8700 pounds seems reasonable considering that it is most likely the only 619 in the UK and Europe.

The engine and brakes were much improved anything the Durant Motor Company has previously used. But keep in mind that all Durant used mechanical brakes, so regular maintenance is important.


Re: Durant model 619 for sale in UK

I am restoring a left hand drive 619 right now and this model is a far improved car for it's time. How many car companies had a actual separate grill and a V type radiator shell. These continental engines that Durant cars have are full pressure +50 pounds through all rods mains and cam bearings and run really quite and smooth. The Steeldralic brakes are very good made by Midland Company plus all steel Bud doors. No more wood in Durant doors from 30 and on. That car is defiantly worth more than they are asking especially with all leather interior. Go get that car and then join our great Durant Motors car club. We have lots of parts and a great color magazine plus you get our roster of over 350 owners world wide in 12 countries. Hurry now. Later
Lance Haynes President Durant Motors Automobile Club

Re: Durant model 619 for sale in UK

many thanks to all for the advice
the vehicle is actually advertised in the car showroom @ £12000 - however the web reveals that when last sold went for £8700 plus tax making a total of just over £9500. when the following details were given
First Registered
Registration No EAS921
Engine No D27349
Chassis No L2361
haveing had a full restoration.

can you advise as to what performance one would expect out of such a car - i assume the seller is confused as it gives it as 17HP - i assume that it should be 71HP

Re: Durant model 619 for sale in UK

I will swear to the quality Lance described. As a 619 owner, I can say they have good power and will cruise the road, although I'd stay off interstates. All in all, they are "just a real good car". Now if I could just get my carburator adjusted right.
Wayne Farrand


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