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Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

We only have 3 recipes....we would like a lot more.....ALSO, if you are one of the ones that has sent a recipe, and you would like a photo of your Durant, Star etc included in the recipe book please send it to me via email wlbjayhawk@aol.com

If you would like a picture of you and your wife in the recipe book that is good also.....or you and your car....or whatevah you would like with your recipe...photos of the cookies half eaten will not be included....

So those of you that have sent recipes...photos please...those of you that have not sent registration, please send that and a recipe and a photo via email.



Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

"Mama Doris" (The War Department) will be sending 3 recipes with our registration.


Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

To all Durant Club Members-

My father (Charlie Spitz) has recuited me to help in the layouts of the Durant Club's Annual Meeting brochure, cookbook, and agenda. We need your cookie recipes -- we only have 11 to date. I NEED YOUR PHOTOS -- otherwise you will see my children and their Pop-Pop's cars, way too much in the cookbook.

I would like to have a photo to go with each recipe in the cookbook. I would prefer to use a picture of your Durant/Star/Flint/Dort/Locomobile with your favorite cookie recipe. Please e-mail them to my father at WlbJayhawk@aol.com or to me at Liljhwk516@aol.com in jpg format. Please include your name, model of your car, and the title of your recipe.

I look forward to using all the pictures you send us!

Carla Fisher

Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

Thanks Carla for the plug for the photos and recipes

also, you cannot include in your regstration that your favorite cookie is an oreo, or a butter nutter or any other store bought flavor or brand.....find a recipe and include it.....and photos photos photos of your Durant made car


charlie spitz

Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

Later this week, I am going to post the names of those that we have registrations for, if we have your recipe and if we have your photos.

Please, please get them in soon.


Charlie Spitz

Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

Charles; I think I sent you an e-mail with pictures yesterday. Not being very computer literate, I'm not sure.Did you get it??

Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting


My daughter received an email from the Connor's today with photos of their cars.....If you sent a recipe please send a photo....if there is a photo of your car on the DMAC website we will try to use that one unless you send us a more current photo....

If you are coming to the annual meeting, send in your registrations and cookie recipes.....my wife and daughter are putting together a cookie cook book for all attendees.

Maybe we are starting a tradition?

charlie and peggy spitz

Re: Recipes for the 7th Annual DMAC Meeting

As I type, my poor father is at his office printing away the 60+ copies of the first ever DMAC Cookie Cookbook. I hope everyone enjoys it. We got around 26 recipe -- and that was with a lot of begging and pledding. And probably around 15 to 20 photographs to use as well.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their recipes. I am looking foward to trying some myself as soon as the Annual Meeting is over. However, I heard the Interbake people were making Thin Mints --Girl Scout Cookies when my father had his last touring. Humm, maybe I should head over there first. It is on my way to school!!!!


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