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Vaccuum pump

Having problems with 1928 Durant vaccuum pump. Was told that the best was to replace it with an electric pump. Can you help re: Where power should come from (key or seperate switch). Where is the best location? Should pump discharge in carburator or in vaccuum tank (after stripping the inside). How many PSI the pump should have? What would be the approximate cost?
As any article been written in Durant Registry for that subject and if not would it be possible in the future. Thanks in advance.
Roger Gagne

Re: Vaccuum pump

I Have A 1928 Durrant With the same vacume fuel pump.
I replaced with a 6 volt electric wired off the coil.
It discharges straight into the carb.Not sure what the pressure on it is, but it works great.Except that my fuel tank is full of rust, and I have to change the fuel filter every 10 miles. You wouldnt happen to know were I can get a copy of an owners manual?

Re: Vaccuum pump

Roger: I have three cars running vacuum tanks and none of them have any problems after you make sure that there are no vac. leaks. I wrote an article in the last Standard on how to trouble shoot and there is also an article in the technical notes. I took a pump off my Star and put a tank back on.

With that said if you do run a pump I would mount it as close to the fuel tank as possible. Run a regulator with about two pounds and run the gas into the vac. tank. Plug the vac. line. Run the pump off the ignition switch so that when you turn on the ignition it will start pumping. If you bypass the vac. tank make sure you have a new carb. with a sealing needle valve or you will over power it with pressure and the pump will not shut off. Remember that the original carb. only accepted fuel with gravity pressure.
Hope this helps

Re: Vacume pump

Jan How would you determine if your M2 has its original carb on it? I still have my vacume pump, but I know it has leaks in it. Do you know a place that repairs them? The car had a 6 volt electric pump when I got it, and it just had to be replaced with one that worked.Also due you know if the M2 came standard with an electric starter? My core support/radiator has holes for a crank start, and I found a hand crank shaft in the trunk, but the hole dnt line up.Any info ypu have would be great I'm shooting in the dark over here. Thanks Dan

Re: Vaccuum pump

Dan: All durant cars came with an electric start and they had included a crank for the times that the battery failed. If you have the correct crank it should go all the way through and engage the crank pulley.

There is I believe a vac tank rebuilder in the technical pages. Repairing a tank it not hard and you should give it a try. You can soft solder most of the parts which is easy to do. I cover the floats with quik poly to seal any leaks.

Lance needs to tell you what carb original fit your. car as all my material is in my office.

If this doesn't help contact me at my email.


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