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Virus Warning Haleys Site Address

Beware. Do not open any attachment from Haley's club website address. They are contaminated. It has the beagle virus in it. I got about 6 or 8 of them and thought it was OK to open one from our sweet new young editor. Wrong. Anyway Norton took care of it thankfully. Please be careful. I called her and she use's her AOL address. Rick please check into this. Thank you. Lance

Re: Virus Warning Haleys Site Address

If anyone should recieve an email from me that is from anything other than haleywarden@aol.com, I did not send it to you. If you do find that you have an email from me that was sent from the club email, please don't open any attachments as that is how the "beagle virus" will attack your computer. The attachments will most likely be called .dog or .animal. I had two emails sent to me from the following address: kmccormick@shaw.ca that had the virus as attachments. Please don't open them if this is sent to you also. Hope we all survive this.

Thank You So Much,

Re: Virus Warning Haleys Site Address

Hey--sure sorry if I sent a virus to anyone --didnt know I had any till today when I looked at Haleys site addy note -I have 2 different virus detectors on my puter --will go thru the system right now

Re: Virus Warning Haleys Site Address

I have a question as to what is meant by Haley's club address. All club addresses are your name @ durantmotors.com. When I was hit by the beagle worm I received an email from someone at Durant.com not durantmotors.com. Durant.com is a real company that make counters, but I'd guess that no one is the club is buying parts from them.

Many of these viruses simply look through your address book and send emails to everyone one one the list. In that case you'll still get hit with an virus if you open it. There is one bad address that I reported a couple of months ago "rick.botti@zfree.co.nz" anything from this address will have a virus. In a nutshell, if someone sends you an email from either Durant.com or "rick.botti@zfree.co.nz" should be deleted. But take a closer look at the subject line. Most of the bad emails from last week simply had "re:" in the subject line. That's always a tip off to either Spam or viruses.

So my question is what what the reply to address of the email you got infected with?



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